TOEFL iBT - Những điều cần biết


Lời nói đầu . 1

I. Giới thiệu kỳ thi TOEFL dạng mới (TOEFL iBT) . 2

1. Tổng quan . 2

2. Có gì mới trong kỳ thi TOEFL iBT. 2

3. Cấu trúc của kỳ thi TOEFL iBT. 2

4. Dải điểm TOEFL iBT được tính như thế nào ? . 3

II. Giới thiệu chi tiết về các phần trong TOEFL iBT . 3

1. Phần đọc . 3

a) Hướng dẫn. 3

b) Ví dụ bài đọc 1. 4

c) Ví dụ bài đọc 2 . 8

d) Ví dụ bài đọc 3. 13

e) Đáp án ví dụ 3 bài đọc. 18

2. Phần nói. 21

a) Điều chỉnh Microphone . 21

b) Hướng dẫn . 21

c) Ví dụ câu hỏi 1 . 22

d) Ví dụ câu hỏi 2. 22

e) Ví dụ câu hỏi 3:. 23

f) Ví dụ câu hỏi 4. 25

g) Ví dụ câu hỏi 5:. 28

h) Ví dụ câu hỏi 6:. 31

3. Phần nghe. 33

a) Thay đổi Volume . 33

b) Hướng dẫn phần nghe . 34

c) Ví dụ phần nghe 1. 34

d) Ví dụ phần nghe 2 . 40

e) Ví dụ phần nghe 3. 47

f) Ví dụ phần nghe 4 . 53

g) Ví dụ phần nghe 5. 58

e) Ví dụ phần nghe 6. 67

h) Đáp án các ví dụ phần nghe . 73

4. Phần viết. 75

a) Bài viết 1. 75

b) Bài viết 2. 76

c) Ví dụ bài viết 1 . 76

d) Ví dụ bài viết 2. 79

III. Triển khai kỳ thi TOEFL iBT. 79

1. Thời gian triển khai kỳ thi TOEFL iBT. 79

2. Ngày thi iBT (Từ tháng 9 năm 2005 đến tháng sáu năm 2006) . 80

IV. Một số câu hỏi thường gặp. 81

1. Liệu rằng chúng ta có thể chỉ tham dự một phần xác định nào đó trong

bài thi TOEFL iBT?. 81

2. Kỳ thi TOEFL mới này có khó hơn các kỳ thi TOEFL hiện tại ?. 81

3. Cách thức đăng ký thi TOEFL iBT?. 81

4. Lệ phí cho kỳ thi này là bao nhiêu?. 81

5. Phần thi nói được tính điểm như thế nào?. 81

6. Phần thi viết được tính điểm như thế nào?. 81

7. Các trường đại học liệu có còn chấp nhận điểm của các kỳ thi TOEFL

trên giấy (PBT) hay trên máy (CBT) không ?. 82

V. Kinh nghiệm của một thí sinh đã thi TOEFL iBT. 82

1. Nói qua về TOEFL iBT. 82

2. Phần đọc . 82

3. Phần nghe. 83

4. Phần nói. 84

5. Phần viết. 85

6. Ấn tượng. 85

7. Thất vọng. 86

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• Người chấm điểm đánh giá bài viết của thí sinh dựa trên toàn bộ bài viết 
(sự phát triển ý, tổ chức, sử dụng chính xác và thích hợp về ngữ pháp và từ 
vựng) và sự hoàn thành và chính xác về nội dung. 
7. Các trường đại học liệu có còn chấp nhận điểm của các kỳ thi TOEFL trên 
giấy (PBT) hay trên máy (CBT) không ? 
Các yêu cầu của các trường là khác nhau. Bạn nên kiểm tra yêu cầu điểm TOEFL 
của trường mình định nộp. Sẽ có những trường sẽ chỉ chấp nhận TOEFL iBT, 
nhưng cũng còn những trường vẫn chấp nhận điểm TOEFL dạng cũ (PBT hay 
V. Kinh nghiệm của một thí sinh đã thi TOEFL iBT 
This experience was initiated by someone from ETS asking me to "try pilot the 
new TOEFL". I was simply asked to try the new TOEFL and rewarded a voucher 
to do the test and $70 in adittion. 
----Yes I took the new TOEFL iBT today which will start at September this year? 
... here is some insight about the new TOEFL --- 
1. Nói qua về TOEFL iBT 
There are some changes in the design and in the structure of the test. It looks more 
interesting and sophisticated than the previous one. Buttons are three dimensional 
and located conveniently at the top. 
First you do to the reading, listening, speaking, and finally writting. Please note 
that there is no grammar section on the new TOEFL. 
To provide articulate anaylsis on all these sections.. please let me start 
2. Phần đọc 
Thee is much change a the reading party, and pretty much similar to the previous 
version. However, it may seems more workable as they divide the reading into 2 
separate sections. Each section contain 2 readings with given time. Although 
basically its the same, at least you are not bombarded with 4 at once. 
Here are some new kind of questions which rarely appear on the old version 
-Find a best sentence which describe the selected sentence on the passage (correct 
TOEFL iBT- Những điều cần biết – Giải pháp thi TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, CCNA, 
sentence should contain accurate information based on the passage) 
-Making prediction / Projection. Its kindda silly and lil bit hard though this part.. 
all answers seems similar to me since no answer is included on the passage; 
basically its a test of luck? 
-Summary. There will be one senence to introduce you for something, then you 
should choose few alternative that best suit the introduction. This question 
weighted more than usual question 
-Please be aware. Many old questions type still come out. Such as inference, the 
main topic? why? what? what the words specifically mean? add a sentence to the 
passage? .. yea so basically its pretty much the same ^^ .. 
3. Phần nghe 
In my opinion the listening is much more painful than the previous one. THERE 
are 3 sections of the listening. Each section gives you 10 minute to answer 2 
-Again, it somehow still look the same. There are 2 friends discussing , or even 
beween admission staff and student. Most conversation took place at academic 
setting. This part basically easy as you easily can grasph the conversation. Model 
question still similar to the previous one 
Hahahaha.. one interesting thing I notice in the lecture is, the professor not as rigid 
as the previous one. The old TOEFL seems like the prof is a talking robot which 
talk english like but this time, IT GETS MORE REAL!. the professor 
could say "hahaha..." "uhm..." "ooh..o" .. whatever anything you can think of. 
Lectures are long and painful to hear. Today I heard Biology , Astronomy, 
History, Arts , etc 
**You may need be asked why the professor say something like the professor 
might suddenly stop the conversation *Uh, I might give guess why it happen!" the 
possible answer is (professor dun wan to answer the student, professor think the 
answer is obvious... professor think that the answer will be difficult .. etc)... You 
need to understand this realm kind of situation 
**YOU MAY TAKE NOTES during the listening part. I don't found this as 
TOEFL iBT- Những điều cần biết – Giải pháp thi TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, CCNA, 
helpful, rather I think its a real distraction for me. Once I started to write 
something I realized that they are asking you something you dun need to write. its 
not a knowledge question like test or whatever.. 
**You may be asked to fill up a table. Questions like this are carrying greater 
weight. You should distinguish and cross-check certain characteristics (they give u 
table anyway -- and you cross which one belongs to who) .. or simply they give u 
some characteristics and you cross yes or no for each one of them 
**Summary. Yes...yes! again summary is there. You should summarize why 
certain argument is untrue.. or its true (summarize the given fact) 
thats all... bout listening 
4. Phần nói 
There are 3 sections of speaking part. so lemme give the detail 
1.Talk about your general opinion about something. Which is quiet obvious. Lke 
mine was "Do you recommend first year univ student to live in dorm or stay in 
their own house" Give specific details and articulate arguments. 
--You have time 15 second just to prepare and 30 seconds I believe to speak. You 
may take notes as you are preparing. IMO, this time is just too short since you also 
need to calculate how long will you speak? I was anxious.. and lil bit under time.. i 
dunno what to say really :P ..LOL 
2.SUMMARY a topic. You need to be aware, you are not requested to provide an 
opinion. You will be exposed to reading (the just give 45 second to read) .. and 
listen somebody talk about that as well (different) .. then you are asked "HOW 
WOULD YOU SUMMARY HER/HIS position on that topic" 
--Today I got about the prce increase in University. Iread the annoncement from 
the principal and listening two student talking about it. Iwas aksed to summary one 
of the speaker opinion 
--BEWARE I dunno.. but today I got crazy topic. that is about animal 
domestification. there are horses and andelope.. or whatever. the resource provide 
many specific details which I dun understand.. then the question suddenly "relate 
two behavior of horses and andelope to animal domestification" .. gee.. this one 
was crazy !!! 
TOEFL iBT- Những điều cần biết – Giải pháp thi TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, CCNA, 
--YOU have 30 seconds to prepare and 60 seconds to speak.. 
--also be aware that in the speaking part you might also need to reduce "uhm uhm" 
and to not repeat points. your points should be clear.. and recognizeable.. 
5. Phần viết 
There are adittional part in the writting section. The first one is new while the 
second one is really the same as before 
1.You will read something, then again exposed to a university lecture. But it seems 
that what you read and what you hear contradicting each other. How would you 
describe that it may cause doubt to what you read? (Model question may vary). 
--Today I received topic about teamwork. on the passage seams that teamwork is 
very rewarding, etc but infact when you listen to the professor talking, there are 
many disadvantage in teamwork. you need to write why such doubt cause concern 
to teamwork (comparison?) YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO STATE 
OPINION. the response is pretty short.. it is suggested between 135 to 225 words 
Basically the same. issue over something in your general life. Over 300 words is 
--I got topic -- is trust should be the main consideration in building relationship?.. 
6. Ấn tượng 
-The system as mentioned, is more sophisitcated. From the layout design, font, 
color selection, and tutorial is shorter though (not like before where they teach u 
how to click) 
-You can't take your headphone off. On every section you barely can survive 
without it. Even writting and speaking you may need it. Very interactive and 
-They get rid of the grammar section which is good for me.. or bad for some 
TOEFL iBT- Những điều cần biết – Giải pháp thi TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, CCNA, 
-They managed to divide long section into pieces. Like reading, you wil have 2 
sections and listening 2 sections thus allow better time management. 
-After all, TOEFL is very much improving. Known as "easy game" for some 
people, now TOEFL take great steps to make their test far more comprehensive. 
7. Thất vọng 
-Somehow, I feel the computer takes a lot of time in loading. Changing one 
question to another may take up to 5 seconds which is quiet a distraction (Perhaps 
they involve more graphics) 
-Test takes generally longer time. Since it is obvious that you have longer listening 
section and in adittion have speaking part. It takes 2 hour mnimum to complete the 
reading and the listening only 
-I don'tmean to discourage but, the test is generally harder on many perspectives. 
There are many type of questions which is really full of ambiguity and demand a 
really excellent interpretations. Longer TOEFL preparation is perhaps imminent. 
-I complained abou the longer time test; which put greater pressure. Believe me.. 
after bombarded by 6 lectures, I really feel bored and really tired. 2 writting?... 
-The speaking part- Obviously you want or no- you will listen to other speaking. 
Well.. somehow those ear plug doesn't work well. and you uninetionally hear them 
and it draws you concentration... well its quiet a distraction ^^ 
--So far this all comments I could give.. 

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