thence, next/ thereupon, after that,

then/accordingly : exinde

thenceforth : inde[Adverb]

theologian : theologus[Noun]

theologian : theologus

theologians : theologi[Noun]

theological : theologicus[Adjective]

theology : theologia[Noun]

theorem : theorema

there, at that place, therein, in that matter : illic

there : ibi

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to commit oneself to : se astringo 
to commit, entrust, order, command : mando 
to commit : commendo 
to compare, contrast /compete : contendo 
to compare : comparo 
to compel, restrict, confine : cogo 
to complain /contain, measure /need, require : 
to complain excessively, whine, gripe : queritor 
to complain loudly : conqueror 
to complain, lament, bewail (dogs) whine, 
whimper : queror 
to complete, accomplish, perform : perpetro 
to compose with great labor : elucubro 
to compress /to press around, gather around 
/attend (a person) : stipo 
to conceal, disguise, keep secret : dissimulo 
to conceal : contego 
to conceal : presso 
to conceal : tego 
to concede, yield, allow, grant, withdraw, give up 
: concedo 
to concern oneself about the future or about 
others : sollicito 
to concern, meet with, attain : contingo 
to conclude (an agreement)/ to reduce, contract, 
constrict : contraho 
to concur : concurro 
to condemn, damn : damno 
to condemn, judge, try : judico 
to condemn : damno 
to conduct one's self, walk, live : gradior 
to conduct oneself, conduct, carry on : se gero 
to conduct, lead forth : conduco 
to confess (one's sins), to take a monastic oath : 
to confess, admit, allow, reveal, make known : 
to confess, own up, admit, acknowledge : 
confiteor confessus 
to confine, shut up, close, blockade, besiege : 
claudo (clausus) 
to confine : coangusto 
to confine : coarto 
to confirm, approve, authenticate : auctorizo 
to confirm : confirmo 
to confuse, scatter, throw into confusion, distress 
: conturbo 
to confute /restrain, check, repress : confuto 
to confute : redarguo 
to congeal, harden, freeze : congelo 
to connect : annecto 
to conquer, subjugate, enthrall, defeat : evinco 
to consecrate, sacrifice, devote /curse, execrate : 
to consider carefully, weigh, ponder : consulto 
to consider oneself indebted, receive, learn, take : 
to consider, deliberate : delibero 
to consider, perceive : inspicio 
to consider, recall, comtemplate : recolo 
to consider : expendo 
to construct, build, arrange : construo, construxi, 
to construct : fabrico 
to construct : perstruo 
to consult + acc : consulto 
to consume by fire : cremo 
to consume, burn up : concremo 
to contemplate, inspect : considero 
to contend, fight to the finish : decerto 
to contend, settle, dispute, to settle by combat : 
to contend, strive, struggle, hasten : contendo 
to contend, struggle : dimico 
to continue, proceed, go on with : pergo 
to contrive/do maliciously : maligno 
to convert : converto 
to convey : transveho 
to cool, grow lukewarm, decrease : tepesco 
to correct : corrigo 
to cough : tussio 
to count, count up, enumerate : enumero 
to count, estimate/prune, cut off : deputo 
to couple : copulo or copulor 
to cover, bury, conceal, hide, protect, shield : 
tego, texi, tectum 
to cover, shield, protect, defend : contego 
to covet, aim at, desire eagerly : concupisco 
to covet : concupisco 
 English-Latin Dictionary -59 
to cram, stuff, fill : effercio 
to crawl : repere 
to create, make : creo 
to creep out, creep over, creep up : erepo 
to creep up or crawl up from below : subrepo 
to creep, crawl : repo, repsi, reptum 
to cross a strait, to be taken across a strait : 
to crouch down, settle, sink, subside : subsido 
to crowd in, press in, trample in / impress upon : 
to crowd, collect in large number, visit : 
to crowd, visit : frequento 
to crown, bind around, encircle, surround : 
to crush : contero 
to cry aloud, shout : vociferor 
to cry out, sing, praise, narrate : boo, boare 
to cry out, utter : sono 
to cry, shed tears : flere 
to cudgel soundly : diverbero 
to cultivate, work again, resume, rehabilitate : 
to curse : imprecor 
to cut away, pare : subseco 
to cut back, cut short, diminish : reseco 
to cut into : infindo infidi infissum 
to cut loose : reseco 
to cut off, to separate, take away : abscido 
to cut short, lop, mutilate : praecido 
to cut the throat, butcher, kill, destroy : iuguolo 
to cut through, dissect, cut away : perseco 
to cut, hurt, wound, amputate, divide, part : seco, 
secui, sectum 
to cut, rend, split/divide, separate : scindo 
to damage : mulco 
to dare : audeo 
to dash to pieces : elido 
to deceive, dupe, trick, disappoint : frustro, 
to deceive, dupe : fallo 
to decide beforehand ie plan : praejudico 
to decide, determine, settle / to decide to do 
something : decerno 
to declaim, orate / speak loudly : declamo 
to declare in public, affirm, bear witness : 
protestor, protesto 
to declare publicly, profess : profiteor 
to declare, announce, report, give notice : 
to decrease, grow smaller : decresco 
to dedicate, consecrate, sanctify/ to curse/ deify : 
to dedicate : consecro 
to dedicate : dedico 
to defend diligently : defenso 
to defend, ward off, protect, shelter : defendo 
to defile : contamino 
to defile : polluo 
to define, describe, designate : designo 
to defraud, deprive : frustro 
to defy : contemno 
to deign : dignor 
to delay, impede, hold up : cunctor 
to delay, postpone / to differ, be different : 
to delight in/ to love : delecto 
to delight : exhilaro 
to deliver together, or wholly : contrado 
to demand earnestly / to make a claim : 
to demand, require / desire, strive after, make for 
: expeto 
to demand : deposco depoposci 
to demand : desposco 
to demolish, destroy, ruin : diruo 
to demolish : dissipo 
to denounce : detestor 
to deny /deny a debt, refuse to return something 
: infitior 
to deny by oath : abiuro 
to deny, refuse a request, deny something to 
someone : nego 
to deny, refuse, reject : renuo 
to deny, refuse : abnego 
to deny : abnuo 
to deny : infitias ire 
to depart from, deviate, leave : discedo 
to depart, deviate, digress : digredior digredi 
to depart, set out, to start forward, to arise : 
to depart : intransitive 
to depend on/ devote oneself to : incumbo 
to deposit, lay up, store / requite : repono 
to deprecate, intercede? : deprecor 
to deprive : viduo 
to derange : conturbo 
to describe, carry out : exsequor 
to describe, dispose : dispono 
to describe, register, assign : describo 
to desert, foresake, leave : desolo 
 English-Latin Dictionary -60 
to deserve, merit : promereo, promereor 
to deserve : emereor 
to design, point out : propono 
to desire more or much : praeopto 
to desire, long for/to : cupio 
to desire, want, strive for/ breathe, live : anhelo 
to desire, wish for, want : opto 
to desire, wish, long for, desire : cupio 
to desist from : desisto 
to despair : despero 
to destroy, abolish, annul, do away with, 
obliterate, efface : aboleo 
to destroy, overthrow : subvertio 
to destroy, ruin, demolish, raise, overthrow : 
to destroy, ruin, waste, scatter, squander : perdo 
to destroy, ruin, wreck : pessum dare 
to destroy : diruo 
to destroy : disperdo 
to destroy : perimo peremi peremptum 
to determine beforehand, predestine : 
to determine, to be determined, resolve : 
to detest, curse : exsecror 
to devise, fit out : struo 
to devise : adinvenio 
to devour : consumo 
to devour : devoro 
to devour : haurio 
to die, perish, vanish : abolesco 
to die, wither away, decay : morior 
to differ, to be diifferent, vary, disagree : discrepo 
to dig in, bury : infodio infodi infossum 
to dig out, excavate /to gut : effodio 
to dig up, pull out / raze, demolish : eruo 
to digress / change / vanish, disappear : abeo 
to dine : ceno 
to dine : epulor 
to direct, address, apply / to throw to : adicio 
to direct, try, attempt, stretch, extend, present, 
give : tendo 
to disarm : exarmo 
to disburse : erogo 
to discern, know : sapio 
to discharge one's duties, quit, retire, die, finish : 
to disclose fully, find out with certainty, lay open : 
to disclose, expose, open, make open : patefacio 
to disclose : indico 
to discolor : inficio 
to discuss, speak, declare, utter : dissero 
to disdain : despicio 
to disembowel : eviscero 
to disgrace, dishonor : inhonesto 
to disguise : dissimulo 
to disinherit : exheredo 
to dislike, have an aversion to, loathe : fastidio 
to dismember, cut into pieces, chop up : conseco 
to dismember, disjoint, sever /divide, break up : 
to dismiss, send away, lose, let slip away : amitto 
to disparage : vitupero 
to display, hurry on : repraesento 
to displease : offendo 
to disregard : neglego 
to dissipate : discutio 
to distinguish, recognize as different : dignosco 
to distribute, divide : distribuo 
to disturb, trouble, perturb, disrupt : perturbo 
to disturb, upset, throw into disorder, confuse, 
unsettle : turbo 
to dive : urino 
to divest, strip off : exuo 
to divide, scatter : divido 
to divide : dispertio 
to divide : distinguo 
to do battle : praelior 
to do one thing and then another : alterno 
to do penance : penitio 
to do thoroughly, accomplish, bring : perficio, 
perfeci, perfectum 
to do wrong to, injure, hurt, harm : misfacio 
to do wrong, err, sin, go astray : pecco 
to do, perform, display, fulfill, offer, present : 
praesto presto 
to do, produce, effect, make/ bring about, cause 
/prove : efficio 
to do/contrive evil : maligo 
to double : gemino 
to doubt, hesitate : dubito 
to drag off : detraho 
to drag, forcibly conduct, entice, allure : pertraho 
to drag, handle /treat, discuss, deal with : tracto 
to drag, pull /derive, get : traho, traxi, tractum 
to draw back, pull back : retraho, retraxi, 
to draw back, set aside, take away : removeo 
to draw blood, let blood, to bleed (someone) : 
to draw forth : extraho 

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