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Unit 1: types of computers .8

Unit 2: Word proccessor .13

Unit 3: Computer hardware components.17

Unit 4: storage and memory.22

Unit 5: Computer software .27

Unit 6: operating system .31

Unit 7: programming language .35

Unit 8: netWORKS .40

Unit 9: information security.44

Unit 10: Ibm.49


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Language work 
e sentences by finding the missing letters 
disaster as a 
d..n when an event interrupts normal business or technical 
tion (ISO) as "ensuring that information is accessible only to those 
 system or similar system that is treated in a coherent and 
Exercise 6 Complete th
1. Information security specialists also may refer to a 
Cy has been defined by the International Organization for 
authorized to have access". 
Iy is the concept of basing of one's actions on an internally 
consistent framework of prin
4. Due to bad management, the company went b..t after few 
months of operation. 
5. A database t.n is a unit of work performed against a 
database management
reliable way independent of others. 
Referential i.y in a relational database is consistency between 
coupled tables. 
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 Unit 10 Ibm 
Vocabulary and Pronunciation 
Exercise 1 Match English terms and Vietnamese translations 
English Vietnamese 
1. found a. Bao quanh bằng vòng đai 
2. incorporated b. Chống lại độc quyền 
3. dominant c. có ưu thế hơn, vượt trội 
4. mainframe d. Công nhận 
5. pronounced e. Công ty con 
6. antitrust f. Hậu duệ 
7. version g. Hợp chất hưu cơ dễ bay hơi 
8. progenitor h. Hợp nhất 
9. compatible i. Liên doanh 
10. Descendant j. Máy tính chính 
11. announce k. Người khởi xướng 
12. purchase l. Phát thải 
13. joint venture m. Phiên bản, thế hệ 
14. subsidiary n. rõ ràng 
15. environmental problem o. Sự mua sắm 
16. comprehensive p. Sự năng động 
17. dispose q. Thành lập 
18. environmental-friendly material r. Toàn diện, tổng thể 
19. recognize s. Tương thích 
20. volatile organic compound 1 girdle t. Tuyêu. Vấn đền bố môi trường 
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22. dynamism v. Vật liệu thân thiện với môi trường 
Exercise 2 T.S 1 Listen and practice 
1. found 9. compatible 17. dispose 
2. incorporated 10. descendant 18. environmental-friendly 
3. dominant 11. announce 19. recognize 
4. mainframe 12. purchase 20. volatile organic compound 
5. pronounced 13. joint venture 21. girdle 
6. antitrust 14. subsidiary 22. dynamism 
7. version 15. environmental 
8. progenitor 16. comprehensive 
Exercise 3 T.S 2 Listen and complete the sentences by selecting the correct 
word from the box to fill in the gap 
environmental problems purchase progenitor 
subsidiary founded mainframe 
antitrust announce descendants 
1. This company was . in 1956. 
2. News and background from government bureau responsible for 
3. IBM has a long history of dealing with its ... 
4. of the IBM PC compatibles make up the majority of 
microcomputers on the market today. 
5. . International Research GmbH is a niche provider of drug 
development services in emerging market regions. 
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Exercise 4 Read the passage about the History of IBM company and decide 
whether the following statements are true or false 
The company which became IBM was founded in 1896 as the Tabulating Machine 
Company by Herman Hollerith, in Broome County, New York. It was incorporated as 
Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation (CTR) on June 16, 1911, and was listed 
on the New York Stock Exchange in 1916. IBM adopted its current name in 1924, 
when it became a Fortune 500 company. 
In the 1950s, IBM became the dominant vendor in the emerging computer industry 
with the release of the IBM 701 and other models in the IBM 700/7000 series of 
mainframes. The company's dominance became even more pronounced in the 1960s 
and 1970s with the IBM System/360 and IBM System/370 mainframes, however 
antitrust actions by the United States Department of Justice, the rise of minicomputer 
companies like Digital Equipment Corporation and Data General, and the introduction 
of the microprocessor all contributed to dilution of IBM's position in the industry, 
eventually leading the company to diversify into other areas including personal 
computers, software, and services. 
In 1981 IBM introduced the IBM Personal Computer which is the original version and 
progenitor of the IBM PC compatible hardware platform. Descendants of the IBM PC 
compatibles make up the majority of microcomputers on the market today. IBM sold 
its PC division to the Chinese company Lenovo on May 1, 2005 for $655 million in 
cash and $600 million in Lenovo stock. 
On January 25, 2007, Ricoh announced purchase of IBM Printing Systems Division 
for $725 million and investment in 3-year joint venture to form a new Ricoh 
subsidiary, InfoPrint Solutions Company; Ricoh will own a 51% share, and IBM will 
own a 49% share in InfoPrint. 
1. IBM was founded in the 18th century. 
2. IBM got its present name in 1911. 
3. IBM introduced the IBM 701 to the market in mid- twentieth century. 
4. IBM was established with the initial plan to do business on personal computers, 
software, and services. 
5. IBM set the ground for the PC compatible platform on the market today. 
Exercise 5 Match the description and the logos 
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A B C D 
1 2 3 4 
The logo that was 
used from 1924 to 
1946. The logo is in a 
form intended to 
suggest a globe, 
girdled by the word 
The logo that 
was used from 
1947 to 1956. 
The familiar 
"globe" was 
replaced with 
the simple 
letters "IBM" in 
a typeface called 
"Beton Bold." 
The logo that was 
used from 1956 to 
1972. The letters 
"IBM" took on a 
more solid, 
grounded and 
In 1972, the horizontal 
stripes now replaced the 
solid letters to suggest 
"speed and dynamism." 
This logo (in two 
versions, 8-bar and 13-
bar), as well as the 
previous one, was 
designed by graphic 
designer Paul Rand. 
Exercise 6 T.S 3 Listen to a short talk about Environment record of IBM and 
fill in each gap with ONE suitable word 
Environmental record 
IBM has a long history of dealing with its (1) problems. It 
established a corporate policy on environmental protection in 1971, with the support of 
a comprehensive global environmental management (2). IBM's 
total hazardous waste calculation consists of waste from both non-manufacturing and 
manufacturing operations. Waste from manufacturing (3) 
includes waste recycled in closed-loop systems where process chemicals are recovered 
and for subsequent reuse, rather than just disposing and using new chemical materials. 
Over the years, IBM has redesigned processes to eliminate almost all closed loop 
recycling and now uses more environmental-friendly (4) in their 
IBM was recognized as one of the "Top 20 Best Workplaces for Commuters" by the 
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2005. This was to 
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(5) the Fortune 500 companies that provided their employees 
with excellent commuter benefits that helped reduce traffic and air pollution. 
However, the birthplace of IBM, Endicott, suffered IBM's (6) 
for decades. IBM used liquid cleaning agents in its circuit board assembly operation 
for more than two decades, and six spills and leaks incidents were recorded, including 
one 1979 leak of 4,100 gallons from an underground tank. These left behind volatile 
(7) compounds in the town's soil and aquifer. Also, from 1980, 
IBM has pumped out 78,000 gallons of chemicals, including trichloroethane, Freon, 
benzene and perchloroethene to the air and allegedly caused several cancer cases 
among the villagers. IBM Endicott has been identified by the Department of 
Environmental Conservation as the major (8) of pollution, 
though traces of contaminants from a local dry cleaner and other polluters were also 
found. Despite the amount of pollutant, state health officials cannot say whether air or 
water pollution in Endicott has actually caused any health (9). 
Village officials say tests show that the water is safe to drink. 
Language work 
Exercise 7 Complete the sentences by finding the missing letters 
1. Ms are computers used mainly by large organizations for 
critical applications. 
2. A v.n can mean a particular form or variant of 
3. A family of computer models is said to be c.e if certain 
software that runs on one of the models can also be run on all other models of 
the family. 
4. The term dt may refer to a type of object that developed 
from another object existing before it. 
5. A joint ve (often abbreviated JV) is an entity formed between 
two or more parties to undertake economic activity together. 
6. A s.y, in business matters, is an entity that is controlled by a 
bigger and more powerful entity. 
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en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Word processor 

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