Report design and manufacturing plastic mould

The shape of the product
The thickness of the product
circle Corner nerve
Lugs protruding? hole on product? Corner exit mold? thread on products

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REPORT  DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING PLASTIC MOULDCONTENTNOTICES about THE SHAPE oF PRODUCT DESIGN PRODUCTS FOR INJECTION INJECTION MOLDThe shape of the productThe thickness of the productcircle Corner nerve Lugs protruding? hole on product? Corner exit mold? thread on productsContent The thickness of the product.Nên thiết kế thành mỏng, tạo nhiều gân tăng độ cứngFigure 1.1 The transition from part designThe related disabilityHìn 1.2 Common disabilities when designing the thickness mismatch.warpingFg 1.4 warping the uneven thickness.Remedy Figure 1.5 Comparison.To correct the warping, the need to design a uniform thickness, the followingis some way designed to make uniform thickness:circle Corner By about 25-60% boron corner thickness, 50% is the bestOuter radius radius should equal the thickness of the product plus: R = r+ Corner Figure 2.2 Dimensions Design bo corner.floorsDefects involving round cornerRIBSThe thickness tendon thickness not exceeding ½ set tendon• tendon thickness affects the priority flowGeometric parameters of the tendonTendon thickness: t = = (0.25-0.5) TResearch Corner: ᶲ> = 0.5 degreesThe distance of the tendon: S> = 2TThe thickness of the tendon does not exceedthe ½ thickness placed near, the siteless shrinkage material and does not affect the aesthetic can put a little thick.Figure 3.2 The designations tendon.The ribs should be placed along one direction to achieve good rigidity.RIBSThe ribs should be designed in parallel.• It should be placed along a direction to increase the stiffnessCreate corrugated ribs increase the strength and aesthetics.• Create cross tendon cungvung increases, resistance to stress.Reinforcement suchThe design parameters stiffening ribs Vấu lồiThe thickness is less than 75% lugs protruding put the lug thickness.Outer radius equal to 25% transition should put the paw thicknessor by 0.04mm to reduce stress.DESIGN• The taper angle of 0.5 degrees in addition to the minimum and should taper in the smallest0.25 degrees.• The lugs protruding far into the product put up extra hard team tendon increasefirmly.DESIGN SIZES5. hole on products• hole depth does not exceed 3 times the diameter of the hole (hole not informed).• Lengths of holes evenly, without thesharp corner.• Two hole distance or distance than the outer edge of the holeshould equal twice the thickness or twice sizemeasure the circumference most hole (hole smoothly).6. DRAFT ANGLE• Products with ribs, lugs protruding, deep groove ... or beveled surface, you shoulddesign towards open mold taper angle.• We can rely on to design the diagram below for proper taper angle.• The value depends on the angle shoulder of plastic shrinkage and heightSlovak.• Structural molds suitable for easy product.7 Products with threadLace and lace foot radius should be greater focus to avoid applicationproductivity.The last paragraph should be rounded to avoid flush lace lace and lace damaged.Avoid designing steps lace <1mm to avoid lace and easy fabrication flushWhen designing plastic threaded metal insert with Iran, we should design Dies for plastic products in the metal and laceRen for plastic products sometimes do not follow the standard for manufacturing dex. Undercut• Change a detail of an undercut on other detailswe can fabricate it into the mold pull straight.

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