Bài tập câu điều kiện (Conditional sentences)

Type Forms

0 If + S + V(s,es), S+ V(s,es)/câu mệnh lệnh

1 If + S + V(s,es), S + Will/Can/shall. + Vo

2 If + S + V2/ Ved, S +would/ Could/ Should.+ Vo

3 If + S + Had + V3/Ved, S + would/ could.+ have + V3/Ved

Đk kết hợp If + S + had + V3/Ved, S + would + Vo


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e tomorrow.
- If + past simple, past simple. (việc đã xảy ra)
Ex. If the goalkeeper didn't catch the ball, they lost.
- If + past simple, ... would be + V-ing.
Ex. If I were on holiday with him, I would/might be touring Italy now.
- If dùng như "as, since, because" có thể kết hợp với động từ ở nhiều thì khác nhau trong mệnh đề chính và không thực sự là một câu điều kiện.
Ex. If you knew her troubles, why didn't you tell me?
B. Mệnh đề phụ (if-clause)
- If + past continuous, ... would/could + V-inf.
Ex. If we were studying English in London now, we could speak English much better.
- If + past perfect, ... would/could + V-inf.
Ex. If you had taken my advice, you would be a millionaire now.
A. Mệnh đề chính (main clause)
- If + past perfect, ... could/might + present perfect.
Ex. If we had found him earlier, we could have saved his life.
- If + past perfect, present perfect continuous.
Ex. If you had left Hanoi for Haiphong last Saturday, you would have been swimming in Doson last Sunday.
- If + past perfect, ... would + V-inf.
Ex. If she had followedmy advice, she would be richer now.
If you had taken the medicine yesterday, you would be better now.
B. Mệnh đề phụ (if-clause)
- If + past perfect continuous, ... would + present perfect.
Ex. If it hadn't been raining the whole week, I would have finished the laundry
Các trường hợp dùng "wish" thì cũng tương tự, chia làm 3 loại, cách dùng như bạn NHH đã nói ở trên và có 1 số biến thể tương tự nhé.
Đối với trường hợp "if" được sử dụng như một liên từ dùng để bắt đầu một mệnh đề phụ trạng ngữ chỉ điều kiện về thời gian, lúc này "if = when". Vậy "if" và "when" khác nhau thế nào? 
- WHEN: được dùng khi diễn tả một điều gì đó chắc chắn xảy ra.
Ex. I am going to do some shopping today. When I go shopping, I'll buy you some coffee.
- IF: được dùng khi diễn tả một điều không chắc chắn (có thể hoặc không thể) xảy ra trong tương lai.
Ex. I may go shopping today. If I go shopping, I'll buy you some coffee.
Lưu ý:   Động từ chính trong mệnh đề phụ trạng ngữ bắt đầu bằng "when" hoặc "if" luôn ở thì present simple mặc dù hành động sẽ xảy ra trong tương lai.
Ex. When/If he arrives tomorrow, I'll tell him about it
 Bài tập trắc nghiệm câu điều kiện 
I-Choose the best anwer :
1-If I .the same problem you had as a child, I might not have succeeded in life as well as you have.
A-have	B-would have	C-had had	D-should have
2-Iyou sooner had someone told me you were in the hospital.
A-would have visited	B-visited	C-had visited	D-visit
3-more help,I could call my neighbor.
A-needed	B-should I need	C-I have neeeded	D-I should need
4-then what I know today,I would have saved myself a lot of time and trouble over the years.
A-had I known	B-did I know	C-If I know	D- If I would know
5-Do you think there would be less conflict in the world if all people.the same language?
A-spoke	B-speak	C-had spoken	D-will speak
6-If you can give me one good reason for your acting like this,this incident again.
A- I will never mention	B-I never mention	C-will I never mention D-I don’t mention
7-I didn’t know you were asleep.Otherwise,I.so much noise when I came in.
A-didn’t make	B-wouldn’t have made	C-won’t make	D-don’t make
8-Unless you all of my questions,I can’t do anything to help you.
A-answered	B-answer	C-would answer	D-are answering
9-Had you told me that this was going to happen, I.it.
A-would have never believed	B-don’t believe	C-hadn’t believed	D-can’t believe
10-If Jake..to go on the trip, would you have gone?
A-doesn’t agree	B-didn’t agree	C-hadn’t agree	D-wouldn’t agree
11-When I stopped talking,Sam finished my sentence for me as though he ..my mind.
A-would read	B-had read	C-reads	D-can read
12-if you., I would have brought my friends over to your house this evening to watch T.V,but I didn’t want to bother you.
A-had studied	B-studied	C-hadn’t been studying	D-didn’t study
13-I wish I.you some money for your rent,but I’m broke myself.
A-can lend	B-would lend	C-could lend	D-will lend
14-If someone in to the store,smile and say, “May I help you?”
A-comes	B-came	C-would come	D-could come
15-“Here ‘s my phone number”.
“Thanks.I ‘ll give you a call if I .some help tomorrow”
A-will need	B-need	C-would need	D-needed
16-If I weren’t working for an accounting firm, I.in a bank.
A-work	B-will work	C-have worked	D-would be working
17-The deathrate would decrease if hygienic conditions improved.
A-was	B-is	C-were	d-had been
18-The education in Japan..if the basic principles of education had not been taken into consideration.
A-would go down	B-would have gone down 	C-went down D-had gone down
19-If there.the ricefields could have been more productive.
A-had been enough water 	B-were enough water
C-would be enough water	D-are enough water
20-the patient could not recover unless he an operation.
A-had undergone	B-would undergo	C-underwent	D-was undergoing
21-If she ..him,she would be very happy.
A-would meet	B-will meet	C-is meeting 	D-should meet
22-If he ..a thorough knowledge of English, he could have applied for this post.
A-had had	B-had	C-has	D-has had
23-If I had enough money,Iabroad to improve my English.
A-will go	B-would go	C-should go	D-should have go to
24-The bench would collapse if theyon it.
A-stood	B-stand	C-standing	D-stands
25-If itconvenient, let’s go out for a drink tonight,
A-be	B-is	C-was	D-were
26-If youtime, please write to me.
A-have 	B-had	C-have had	D-has
27-I shouldn’t go there at night if I .you.
A-am	B-was	C-be	D-were
28-If I .get a pole, I will go fishing.
A-can	B-could	C-may	D-might
29-If you had the chance,.you go fishing?
A-did	B-may	C-would	D-do
30-If you ..a choice, which country would you visit?
A-have	B-had	C-have had	D-will have
31-She will acept the offer if you persuade her.
A-unless	B-because	C-provided that	D-otherwise
32-If he were here,he would accompany you on the piano.
A-Supposing he were here	B-because he were here	C-were he here	D-Both Aand C
33-If she had gone abroad, she would have let you know.
A-had gone she abroad	B-had she gone abroad	
C-Because she had gone abroad	D-while she had gone abroad
34-Trees won’t grow.there is enough water.
A-if	B-when	C-unless	D-as
35-.she agreed, you would have done it.
A-if	B-had	C-should	D-would
36-If he hadn’t wasted too much time , he in his examination.
A-would fail	B-wouldn’t fail	C-wouldn’t have failed	D-won’t fail
37-If I had taken that English course, I.much progress.
A-had made	B-would have made	C-made	D-would make
38-If I were in your place, I.a trip to England.
A-will make	B-had made	C-would make	D-made
39-If you inherited a million pounds,what.with the money?
A-do you do	B-will you do	C-would you do	D-are you going to do
40-If you..as I told you, you.in such predicament now.
A-Did/would not be	 B-had done/had not been
C-do/would not be	 D-had done /would not be
41-Come and work for my company iif you.better to do.
A-have nothing	B-will have nothing	C-had something	D-had nothing
42-If you had done as I told you ,I think you.
A-would succeed	B-would have succeeded	C-could succed	D-had succeeded
43-If he had got half a mark more, he in the exam.
A-wouldn’t fail	B-wouldn’t have failed	C-won’t fail 	D-won’t be failing
44-If it tomorrow, we may postpone going.
A-rains	B-will rain	C-shall rain	D-raining
45-If you hadn’t watched that late movie last night, yousleepy now.
A-wouldn’t have been	B-wouldn’t be
C-might have not been	D-would’t have been being
46 - If you .as I told you, you .sorry now.
 A-did/would not be	B-had done/had not been	
 C-do /would not be	D-had done/would not be
47-If II will let you know	 .
A-am staying	B-will stay	C-do stay	D-would stay
48-“Are you thinking about going to the Bahamas for the hollidays?”
“No,but if I the time , I would definitely go”
A-have	B-had	C-have had	D-would have
49-“It’s really raining”
“Yes.If the weather, we’ll have to camp somewhere else”.
A-would get worse	B-might get worse	C-get worse	D-should get worse
50-“Why did you only send twenty dollats in the mail?”
 “If I had had more money, I ..given you more.”
A-will have	B-would have	C-would	D-have
51-“My boss made me work overtime again”.
 “If I were you,I.my job”.
A-would quit	B-will quit	C-must quit	D-quit
52-“Thanks for your help”.
“.want more information,call again tomorrow”.
A-were you 	B-had you to	C-might you	D- should you
53-“Remember the day I drove you to the airport?”.
“If you hadn’t me ,I would have been late”.
A-take 	B-taking	C-took	D-taken
54-“Sally finally got here from Chicago”.
 “If she had come earlier,wetaken her to the play”.
A-would be	B-would have	C-had have	D-would had
55-“I don’t know whether to take that mathematics course or not”.
“If you, I’d take it”.
A-I am	B-I will be	C-I had been you	D-I were
56-“My car broke down when I was leaving Detroit and I had to take the bus”.
 “,we would have picked you up”.
A-had we known	B-if we have known	C-we had known	D-if we did know
57-“It’s beginning to rain”.
 “..,we won’t be able to finish the ball game”.
A-If it stops	B-should it stop	C-unlees it stops	D-if it didn’t stop
58-“Did you need help with your math last night?”.
 “If I had, Iyou”.
A-would call	B-called	C-would have called	D-will call
59-“I’d really like some lunch but I have so much work to do”.
 “..what you want and I can get it for you”.
A-tell me	B-if you would say me	C-you will tell to me	D-if you tell me
60-“John went to the hospital alone”,
 “If .,Iwould have gone with him”.
A-had he told me	B-he had told me	C-ha has told me	D-he would tell me
 Đáp án bài tập trắc nghiệm câu điều kiện
1-C 31-C
2-A 32-D
3-B 33-B
4-A 34-C
5-A 35-B
6-A 36-C
7-B 37-B
8-B 38-C
9-A 39-C
10-C 40-D
11-B 41-A
12-C 42-B
13-C 43-B
14-A 44-A
15-B 45-B
16-D 46-D
17-C 47-C
18-B 48-B
19-A 49-D
20-C 50-B
21-D 51-A
22-A 52-D
23-B 53-D
24-A 54-B
25-B 55-D
26-A 56-A
27-D 57-C
28-A 58- C
29-C 59-A 
30-B 60-B

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