Ngân hàng đề thi Tiếng Anh - Phần 2

1/ I don’t.big breakfast.

a has

b have

c having

d had

2/ She can.very well.

a swimming

b swim

c swam

d swims

3/ What do you usually have .dinner?

a with

b for

c in

d at

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229/ I’d like to have this skirt  
 a reduced 
 b repaired 
 c rebuilt 
 d lengthened 
230/ I  the money from him yet 
 a don’t receive 
 b will receive 
 c haven’t received 
 d am receiving 
231/ My sister won’t get married until she  35 years old 
 a will be 
 b is 
 c isn’t 
 d has been 
232/ He ordered them  it again 
 a not do 
 b don’t do 
 c didn’t do 
 d not to do 
233/  you study harder, you won’t pass the examination 
 a If 
 b Because 
 c In order that 
 d Unless 
234/ Nobody has  done this before 
 a any 
 b never 
 c not 
 d ever 
235/ I want you to  a table at the Savory hotel 
 a occupy 
 b phone 
 c ask 
 d reserve 
236/ The hair dresser  her hair 
 a takes off 
 b dresses 
 c does 
 d makes 
237/ He  his living by repairing shoes 
 a sets 
 b does 
 c raises 
 d makes 
238/ She said that she  you some day 
 a has visited 
 b will visit 
 c would visit 
 d had visited 
239/ Where are you going? I’ll give you  
 a an elevator 
 b a ladder 
 c a lift 
 d a staircase 
240/ Did you enjoy yourself at the party? Yes, I had a good  there 
 a game 
 b dance 
 c time 
 d drink 
241/ The  participants wanted the meeting to end soon 
 a bores 
 b bored 
 c boring 
 d is boring 
242/ The  participants wanted the meeting to end soon 
 a bored 
 b boring 
 c bores 
 d is boring 
243/ He said he would visit me, but he  me yet 
 a is not visiting 
 b had not visited 
 c has not visited 
 d does not visit 
244/ The weather  fine so far this week 
 a is 
 b was 
 c has been 
 d had been 
245/ We had just got out of our car when it  to set fire 
 a was beginning 
 b began 
 c has begun 
 d had begun 
246/ As soon as he  a certificate in English, he will apply for a job 
 a got 
 b would get 
 c will get 
 d gets 
247/ Since the appearance of Karaoke machines they  
 a widely used 
 b had been widely used 
 c were widely used 
 d have been widely used 
248/ The bench would collapse if they  on it 
 a stood 
 b standing 
 c stands 
 d stand 
249/ If it  convenient, let’s go out for a drink tonight 
 a were 
 b is 
 c be 
 d was 
250/ Ms Ajai can probably  a way for the computer to run program 
 a desire 
 b devise 
 c device 
 d devote 
251/ Astronauts  in their spaceship, but they frequently work outside now 
 a were staying 
 b were used to stay 
 c used to stay 
 d had used to stay 
252/ These city girls are used  in the field 
 a to work 
 b working 
 c work 
 d to working 
253/ The chairwoman urged that we  a deal with the competitors 
 a making 
 b make 
 c to make 
 d will make 
254/ We are looking for you Where  ? 
 a are you 
 b have you been 
 c have you gone 
 d were 
255/ Mr Stein  for the day when the phone came 
 a already leaves 
 b already left 
 c had already left 
 d has already left 
256/ What do you usually do on your day off? 
 a I will sleep all day 
 b Nothing much I always sleep until noon 
 c I usually drive to work 
 d I usually do not much 
257/  I sympathize with your point of view, I cannot accept it 
 a As 
 b Although 
 c Because 
 d In spite of 
258/ The news came as no surprise to me I  for some time that the 
factory was likely to close 
 a had known 
 b knew 
 c have known 
 d know 
259/ I don’t mind  home but I’d rather  a taxi 
 a to walk  getting 
 b walking  get 
 c to walk  to get 
 d walking  to get 
260/ I wish I hadn’t sold my bike I regret  
 a to sell my bike 
 b selling my bike 
 c I had sold my bike 
 d not to sell my bike 
261/ In the middle of our lunch, there was a knock at the door 
 a our lunch were in the middle, there was a knock at the door 
 b we knocked at the door, we were having lunch 
 c we had just finished lunch, there was a knock at the door 
 d we were having lunch, there was a knock at the door 
262/ Why/ you/ consider/ visit / me? 
 a Why don’t you consider visiting me? 
 b You consider why don’t visit me? 
 c Why you don’t consider to visit me? 
 d Why don’t you consider to visit me? 
263/ really/ like / up / I / morning / don’t / get / in / early 
 a Really I don’t like to getting up early in the morning 
 b I don’t like really to get up early in the morning 
 c I really don’t like get up early in the morning 
 d I don’t really like getting up early in the morning 
264/ learn/ Tommy/ for / four years / English / so / he / the language/ speak / well 
 a Tommy was learning the language for four years, so he can speak English 
 b Tommy has been learning English for four years, so he can speak 
language well 
 c Tommy has been learning English for four years, so he can speak the 
language well 
 d Tommy has spoken English for four years, so he learned the language well 
265/ children / work / profession /love / interested / because / I / teaching 
 a I love teaching profession because the children are interested in working 
 b I’m interested in teaching profession because I love working with children 
 c I’m interested in teaching profession because I love the children working 
 d I love working with the children because I am interested in teaching 
266/ We have decided to help with the project 
 a We will help with the project 
 b We helped with the project 
 c We must help with the project 
 d We are going to help with the project 
267/ The last time I went swimming was when we were in Spain 
 a I hadn’t been swimming before we moved to Spain 
 b I swam a lot when we were in Spain 
 c I haven’t been swimming since we were in Spain 
 d I went swimming while we lived in Spain 
268/ They spoke too quickly for us to understand 
 a They spoke so quickly that we couldn’t understand 
 b They spoke so quickly that we couldn’t understand them 
 c They spoke so quickly that we couldn’t understand it 
 d They spoke quickly enough so that we couldn’t understand them 
269/ Belgian / call / Etienne Lenoir / make / the first / motor car 
 a A Belgian called Etienne Lenoir was made the first motor car 
 b The first motor car was called a Belgian made by Etienne Lenoir 
 c A Belgian made the first motor car called Etienne Lenoir 
 d The first motor car was made by a Belgian called Etienne Lenoir 
270/ Seeing Nelson Mandela will always stay in my memory I  
 a never will forget seeing Nelson Mandela 
 b will never forget seeing Nelson Mandela 
 c will never forget to see Nelson Mandela 
 d never forget when I saw Nelson Mandela 
271/ Neither my friend nor I to blame 
 a am 
 b be 
 c are 
 d is 
272/  you run quickly you are likely to be late 
 a When 
 b Because 
 c Since 
 d Unless 
273/ Those two children like 
 a each other 
 b the one the other 
 c each the other 
 d one other 
274/ He got drunk because he had emptied a bottle of 
 a orange juice 
 b water 
 c milk 
 d wine 
275/ You can borrow books from the 
 a canteen 
 b library 
 c hospital 
 d cafeteria 
276/ A billionaire is a very person 
 a rich 
 b lazy 
 c intelligent 
 d poor 
277/ I tried to solve the problemthe noise and interruptions 
 a because of 
 b in spite of 
 c in case of 
 d according to 
278/ Isabel can’t stand it noises during the concert 
 a when people make 
 b if people have 
 c if the music is disturbed by people’s 
 d when people do 
279/ I was having a rest when the volcano 
 a exhaled 
 b exhausted 
 c exhibited 
 d erupted 
280/ We are not allowed to touch it We touch it 
 a don’t have to 
 b mustn’t to 
 c mustn’t 
 d haven’t 
281/ When a mana woman at her house, he goes to her house to get her 
 a drops 
 b picks up 
 c drops off 
 d greets 
282/ Tom will be punished coming late 
 a towards 
 b in 
 c at 
 d for 
283/ The room  small to accommodate the council 
 a as much 
 b too 
 c much 
 d as 
284/ We shall have to stop soon because the car is almost  petrol 
 a not having 
 b lacking 
 c out off 
 d out of 
285/ I find the times of English meals very strange I’m not used  dinner at 
6 p m 
 a have 
 b having 
 c to have 
 d to having 
286/ I don’t know why Susan didn’t go to the meeting She said  
 a she was definitely going 
 b she will definitely go 
 c she is definitely going 
 d she had definitely gone 
287/ What about  ? Will I be able to find a house? 
 a accommodation 
 b qualification 
 c identification 
 d construction 
288/ At his first  Jack Lumber threw the javelin over 100 meters 
 a contest 
 b effort 
 c attempt 
 d trial 
289/ She  a fortune from her aunt 
 a intelligent 
 b inherited 
 c unusual 
 d drew up 
290/ An operation is usually performed by a  
 a scientist 
 b doctor 
 c operator 
 d surgeon 
291/ Pat would rather early than late 
 a to arriving 
 b arrived 
 c arrive 
 d arriving 
292/ She is studying English She started to learn it three years ago She  
English for three years 
 a studied 
 b was studying 
 c had studied 
 d has studied 
293/ I wish I  him, but I don’t 
 a liked 
 b like 
 c am liking 
 d was liking 
294/ He asked her ? 
 a what day it was 
 b what day was it 
 c what was the day 
 d it was what day 
295/ The teacher  has not yet arrived 
 a I wrote you about him 
 b who I wrote to you 
 c I wrote to you about 
 d whom I wrote to you about him 
296/ The police   warned the people not to come home 
 a hasn’t had 
 b have 
 c hasn’t 
 d has 
297/ The strap needs mending It  
 a has mended 
 b has to be mended 
 c had been mended 
 d has been mending 
298/ Since Mr Hasan   president, both taxes and unemployment 
 a has cecome  increased 
 b became  have increased 
 c became  increased 
 d has become  have increased 
299/ If I  be somebody else, I  to be a film star 
 a can like 
 b could  would 
 c can  would like 
 d could would like 
300/ He suggested  a double railway tunnel 
 a build 
 b to build 
 c building 
 d that building 

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