Một số mẫu câu tiếng anh thông dụng

To keep out : không vào, miễn vào

To keep away (from) : giữ khoảng cách, tránh sử dụng

To keep track of : giữ hay duy trì bản sao, nhớ khu vực

To keep doing st : liên tục làm gì

To keep sb from st/ doing st : ngăn cản ai cái gì

To keep away from : tránh xa

To keep off : tránh xa, ăn kiêng

To keep on : tiếp tục (làm, sử dụng)

To keep in mind : nhớ, không quên (= to bear in mind)

To keep up with : duy trì hay phát triển cùng một tốc độ như nhau

To keep in touch with : giữu liên lạc với ai (= to stay in touch with)

To keep time : chạy đúng giờ ( đồng hồ)

To keep up : ngăn chặn giấc ngủ (của ai), đánh thức, làm ai giật mình; duy trì ( tốc độ, mức độ làm việc, điều kiện)

To keep up with : cập nhật ( kiến thức); hiểu tường tận ( một vấn đề)

To keep one''s head : giữ bình tĩnh

To keep one''s fingers crossed : hi vộng một kết quả tốt đẹp, mong không có điều xấu gì xảy ra

To keep one''s word : làm tròn lời hứa, có trách nhiệm

To keep after : nhắc nhở thường xuyên, mắng nhiếc

To kick st around : thảo luận thân mật (= to toss around)

To kick the habit : từ bỏ một thói quen xấu

To knock on/at : gõ

To knock out : đánh bại, hạ đo ván, đánh ngất, gây ấn tượng hoặc thu hút mạnh

To knock oneself out : làm cho ai/ mình kiệt sức, vắt kiệt sức, làm việc rất tích cực

To know by sight : đã trông thấy, biết mặt


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 - find accidentally come down with - become ill with come out with - utter; produce come up with - utter; produce count on - rely on cut in on - interrupt disagree with - cause illness or discomfort to do away with - abolish do without - deprive oneself of drop in at/on - visit casually without planning drop out of - leave; quit face up to - acknowledge fall behind in - lag; not progress at required pace fall back on - use for emergency purpose fall out with - quarrel with fill in for - substitute for get ahead of - surpass; beat get around - evade; avoid get away with - do without being caught or punished get by with - manage with a minimum of effort get down to - become serious about; consider get in - enter (a vehicle) get off - descend from; leave get on - enter (a vehicle); mount get on with - proceed with get through with - terminate, finish go back on - desert; fail to keep (a promise) go for - like a great deal go in for - be interested in; participate in go on with - continue go over - review go with - harmonize with; look pleasing together go without - abstain from hang around - remain idly in the vicinity of hear from - receive a communication from hear of - learn about (sometimes accidentally) hit on - discover accidentally hold on to - grasp tightly hold out against - resist keep at - persevere at keep to - persist in; continue keep up with - maintain the pace of lie down on - evade; fail to do live on - support or sustain oneself by means of live up to - maintain the standard demanded of look after - take care of look back on - remember nostalgically look down on - feel superior to look forward to - anticipate look up to - respect; admire make up for - compensate for pass on - transmit pick on - tease; bully play up to - flatter for personal advantage put up with - tolerate read up on - search out information on run against - compete against in an election run away with - leave; escape from run for - campaign for see about - consider; arrange see to - arrange; supervise settle on - decide on; choose stand for - represent; permit stand up for - support; demand stand up to - resist stick to - persist stick up for - support; defend take after - resemble talk back to - answer impolitely talk over - discuss tell on - report misbehavior to authority touch on - mention briefly turn into - become wait on - serve wait up for - not go to bed while waiting for watch out for - be careful for Intransitive back down - retreat from a position in an argument back out - desert; fail to keep a promise back up - move backwards bear up - endure blow in - drop in to visit unexpectedly blow over - pass without doing harm blow up - explode; lose one''s temper call up - telephone calm down - become calm carry on - continue as before; misbehave catch on - understand catch up - cover the distance between oneself and a moving goal check up - investigate check out - leave; pay one''s bill cheer up - become cheerful clear out - leave clear up - become clear close down - close permanently close up - close temporarily came about - happen come along - accompany; make progress come back - return come by - visit someone in his home come out - appear; make a social debut come over - come to someone''s house, to where someone is come through - succeed come to - regain consciousness cut in - interrupt die away - fade; diminish die down - fade; diminish die off/out - disappear; become extinct dress up - don fancy or unusual clothes drive back - return by car drop in - visit someone casually without planning drop out - abandon some organized activity; leave; quit drop over - visit someone casually fall behind - not progress at required pace fall off - decrease; lose weight fall through - fail; not be accomplished fill in - substitute find out - learn fly back - return by air fly over - fly to where someone is get ahead - make progress get along - have a friendly relationship get around - circulate; move about get away - escape get by - manage; either just barely or with a minimum of effort get in - enter get off - descend from leave get on - enter (a vehicle); mount (a horse, etc.) get on/along - progress; be compatible get up - rise get through - finish give out - become exhausted give up - surrender; fail to finish go back - return go off - explode go on - happen; continue go out - stop burning; leave one''s residence go over - go; succeed grow up - mature hang around - remain idly; dawdle hang up - replace a telephone receive on its hook hold on - grasp tightly; persevere; wait while telephoning hold out - continue to resist; persevere; persist keep on - continue keep up - maintain the required pace or standard; continue let up - diminish in intensity lie down - recline look on - be a spectator make out - progress; succeed make up - become reconciled move over - move to the side pan out - turn out well; be successful pass out - become unconscious pass on - die pick up - grow; increase pull in - arrive pull out - deport pull through - survive (barely) ride over - ride to where someone is run away - escape; leave; leave quickly without permission run down - slowly lose power so as to stop functioning run off - depart running; drain sell out - sell the ownership or responsibility settle up - pay one''s bills or debts show off - boast by words or actions show up - arrive; appear unexpectedly shut up - stop talking slow up - reduce speed stand by - wait; be prepared to assist stand up - stand; rise from sitting; last; endure stay over - remain at someone''s house overnight or longer step aside - move to one side take off - leave the ground take over - assume command talk back - answer impolitely throw up - vomit turn around - turn so that one is facing another direction turn in - go to bed turn out - succeed; come; appear, as at a public meeting turn up - arrive; be found unexpectedly wait up - remain awake in anticipation wake up - awaken walk back - return on foot to where one was walk over - walk to where someone is wash out - fade or disappear from washing watch out - be careful wear off - fade; disappear through use or time wear out - become unusable through use; become used up work out - be successful Hôm nay mình xin post tiếp "L" To land on one''''s feet : bình tĩnh lấy lại thăng bằng sau những vấn đề phức tạp To lay the table for a meal ( breakfast, dinner) : bày bàn ăn/ dọn cơm To lay off : thôi, từ bỏ một thói quen; loại bỏ hoặc xa thải (= to let go) To learn to do st : biết làm gì To learn the ropes : nắm bắt được cách tiến hành công việc To leave smw : rời khỏi To leave (smw) for smw : rời đâu để đến đâu To leave sb with st : để lại cho ai cái gì To leave st/sb + smw : để lại, bỏ quên To leave sb/st alone : để yên, tránh xa (= to let alone) To leave open : hoãn việc ra quyết định To lend sb st : cho ai vay mượn cái gì To let sb do st : để cho phép ai làm gì To let on : thổ lộ hay nói cho biết, bật mí, nói trước To let up : ngưng bớt, giảm bớt, lắng dịu; nghỉ xả hơi (= to take it easy) To let slide : lờ đi, từ chối To lie down : nằm xuống, ngã mình To like st/doing st : thích cái gì/ làm gì sở thích To line up : xếp hàng, xoay xở để đạt được To live on st : sống nhờ vào To live up to : đáp ứng ( điều kiện), chu toàn ( lời hứa) To live it up : xài tiền thoải mái, sống xa hoa To liven up : truyền sinh lực cho ai, làm sống động (= to pick up) To look into : điều tra, kiểm tra 1 cách cẩn thận (= to check into) To look at st : nhìn, ngắm To look + adj : trông như thế nào To look as if/ as though + clause : trông cứ như thể To look forward to sb/doing st : trông mong, trông chờ To look after : trông nom, chăm sóc To look forward to : mong mỏi, háo hức, chờ đợi To look for : tìm kiếm To look up : tra cứu, tìm kiếm To look after : trông nom, chăm sóc (= to take care of, to keep an eye on) To look forward to : nóng lòng mong đợi To look on : quan sát, đứng xem To look up to : ngưỡng mộ, kính trọng To look down on : coi thường, khinh rẻ To look out on : đối diện với, nhìn ra To look at : để ý đến, xem To look over : "xem xét, kiểm tra, nhìn bao quát ( = to go over, to read over, to check over)" To look for : tìm kiếm, tra cứu To look up : tìm kiếm, tra cứu To look out : cẩn thận, lưu ý (= to watch out) To lose one''''s head : mất bình tĩnh, bối rối, không tự chủ To lose one''''s touch : thất thế, không còn lợi thế như trước đây To lose one''''s cool : nổi nóng, giận giữ hoặc bối rối To make sure : chắc chắn (= to make certain) To make good time : du lịch 1 quãng đường với tốc độ vừa phải To make out : tiến bộ, thành đạt To make good : thành công To make clear : làm sáng tỏ, giải thích To make st/sb + adj : làm cho cái gì/ ai như thế nào To make sb do st : bắt ai làm gì To make progress in st/doing st : tiến bộ To make a decision/phone call/mistake : quyết định/ gọi điện/ mắc lỗi To make up one''s mind : quyết định To make fun of : cười chế giễu, nhạo báng To make do : giải quyết, xoay xở To make sense : hiểu, biết điều To make out : đọc hay thấy rõ, chuẩn bị một văn kiện pháp lý To make a difference : phân biệt, quan trọng, tác động To make up one''s mind : dứt khoát, quyết định cuối cùng To make friends : kết bạn, làm bạn To make waves : quấy rầy, náo động, làm mất yên tĩnh To make the best of : cố gắng hết sức trong 1 điều kiện khó khăn To make up : làm bù, khám phá ra 1 ý tưởng, trang điểm To make up with : giải quyết vấn đề To manage to do st : cố gắng làm gì (đạt được kết quả) To meet sb halfway : thoả thuận, thoả hiệp To mind doing st : bận tâm/ phiền lòng To mind the store : trực phòng To miss st/ doing st : bỏ lỡ/ nhỡ cái gì/ việc gì To miss sb : nhớ ai To miss the boat : bỏ lỡ cơ hội, thất bại trong dự án nào đấy To mix up : lắc, khuấy đều, lộn xộn, bối rối 

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