Đề thi TOEFL năm 2009 - Part 5/6/7

101. Children younger than 5 years old are _______ free to festival events.

(a) admit

(b) admitted

(c) admission

(d) admittedly


102. Electronics retailer Buyer's World announced plans to _______ rebates on software purchases.

(a) forecast

(b) transport

(c) eliminate

(d) compromise


103. Mr. Barry oversaw the development of the Nissan Building _______ its initial stages to its completion.

(a) of

(b) to

(c) from

(d) about


104. WCM's quarterly report _______ the gains the computer company made in its software division.

(a) reflect

(b) reflects

(c) reflector

(d) reflection


105. Beginning in August, free parking _______ available to anyone taking the commuter train from Green City.

(a) were

(b) to be


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received approval. Recently, however, unforeseen problems with water drainage forced the company to reassess its funding needs, and the city would not approve a second request for finances.
The unfinished renovations to the park included expanding the rink to accommodate more than 1,000 skaters, adding a retractable roof, and building indoor locker rooms. 
Dear Mr. Stewart,
I read an article in last week's newspaper about the city government's rejection of your second request for funding to renovate Dennis Park Rink. As a child, I often visited the rink with my family, and through the years ice-skating has developed into one of my favorite leisure activities.
I'd like to see thousands of children in the Ottawa area experience the same joy I did at Dennis Park Rink. For this reason, I would like to fund the renovation efforts you have so graciously begun. I'd like to meet with you at your earliest convenience to discuss how we can collaborate to improve this valuable community resource. Please call me as soon as possible at (970) 845-7628.
Sincerely,Steadman Murphy
181. The word “move” in paragraph 1, line 2 of the article, is closest in meaning to:
(a) Movement
(b) Decision
(c) Activation
(d) Inspiration.
182. Why did Y&B Rinks request more money?
(a) There were problems during construction.
(b) They wanted to hire more construction employees.
(c) Construction materials were more expensive than expected.
(d) They did not receive all of the funding they were promised.
183. What change was NOT part of the project? 
(a) Building a roof
(b) Adding stadium seats
(c) Making the rink larger
(d) Constructing locker rooms.
184. Why does Mr. Murphy write the letter?
(a) To offer funding to Y&B Rinks
(b) To suggest a fundraising idea
(c) To motivate citizens to support the project
(d) To encourage the city government to fund the project.
185. What does Mr. Murphy imply in his letter?
(a) He used to be in the city government.
(b) He read the March 29 newspaper article.
(c) He lived near Dennis Park Rink as a child.
(d) He enrolled his children in ice-skating lessons.
From: Customer service [service@officesupplier.com]
To: Yuna Dautry [ydaut23@communityweb.com]
Subject: Coupon offer
Dear Ms. Dautry,
We apologize for the mistake we made in processing your October 28 order of item #99820 from our Web site. We have since corrected the error in our computer system and shipped the item you originally requested. The item was shipped on November 11 and should arrive within 5 to 7 business days.
Because your business is important to us, we have waved the shipping fee on your revised order. We would also like to present you with a 50 percent off coupon to be used on your next purchase in our online store. Please find the coupon as an attachment to this e-mail.
Sincerely,Lynn Russo
Customer Service
Office Supplier.
Office Supplier
50 percent off your next office supply purchase at www.officesupplier.com
This coupon may not be used on computer equipment, software, and other electronics. This coupon is not valid in conjunction with other offers, on shipping, or on gift card purchases. This coupon is only valid for one-time use on online orders of in-stock items.
This coupon is not valid on orders with shipping addresses outside of the United States. Office Supplier reserves the right to choose the method of delivery for each order. Delivery fees are nonrefundable if the order or part of the order is returned, unless the product is damaged or defective.
*Please enter the following coupon code during checkout: XB7749JK009W
186. When did Ms. Dautry place an order?
(a) On October 5
(b) On October 7
(c) On October 28
(d) On November 11.
187. What can be inferred about the item Ms. Dautry ordered?
(a) It was damaged.
(b) It was not in stock.
(c) It was not delivered.
(d) It was not the item she ordered.
188. What can Ms. Dautry use the coupon to do? 
(a) Order items online
(b) Purchase gift cards
(c) Buy computer software
(d) Pay for shipping costs
189. What is true about the coupon?
(a) It can be used more than once.
(b) It will expire after thirty days.
(c) It is valid for international addresses.
(d) It cannot be used to buy electronic items.
190. According to the coupon, how can Ms. Dautry receive the discount?
(a) By completing an online form
(b) By entering a code on the Web site
(c) By presenting the coupon to an employee
(d) By mailing it to the store with a receipt.
July 8
Sophie Boonyarat
1 Waterman Street
Providence, Rhode Island 02906
Dear Ms. Boonyarat,
I've enclosed a revision of the banquet menu as we discussed yesterday afternoon. Please review it to ensure all the changes we talked about have been made. Per your request, I added a vegetarian dish. Of the three choices you presented, I thought pasta would be the best option since it can also be offered to non-vegetarian guests.
When you've finished reviewing the menu, please call me at (401) 421-0009 so we can begin preparing for the event.
Sincerely,Bruce Gellar
Gellar & Sons Catering.
The Fowler Business Association
Networking Banquet - Proposed Menu
Appetizers (served at 5:40 P.M.)
Bread: Gourmet Italian rolls topped with garlic butter
Salad: House salad with Italian, blue cheese, or honey mustard dressing
Soup: Portobello mushroom soup and vegetable minestrone soup
Main Dishes (served at 6 P.M.)
Chicken: Honey-glazed chicken served with risotto or a baked potato and mixed vegetables
Salmon: Char-grilled salmon served with risotto or a baked potato and mixed vegetables
Fettuccini (vegetarian): Fettuccini noodles served with spinach in a cream sauce
Desserts (served at 7 P.M.)
Cake: Chocolate or angel food cake
Ice cream: Vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry
Fruit: An assortment of bananas, apples, oranges, and grapes
Beverages (available throughout the evening)
Water, assorted soft drinks, iced tea, grape juice, and apple juice.
191. What type of event will take place?
(a) An awards dinner
(b) A lunch conference
(c) A networking banquet
(d) A restaurant opening.
192. Who is Mr. Gellar?
(a) A caterer
(b) An event planner
(c) A restaurant owner
(d) An organization's president.
193. Which item was recently added to the menu? 
(a) Fruit
(b) Salmon
(c) Chicken
(d) Fettuccini.
194. What appetizer will NOT be served?
(a) Portobello cream soup
(b) House salad with dressing
(c) Fresh vegetables with dip
(d) Italian rolls with butter.
195. What is indicated about beverages?
(a) They will not be refilled.
(b) They will only be available after 6 P.M.
(c) They will be served throughout the event.
(d) They will stop being served after dessert.
Due to the recent weather and resulting construction delays, the work schedule has been changed for the next two weeks. Hopefully, this will allow us to get back on schedule so the building will be finished by early July, as we originally projected.
Also, it's supposed to rain again towards the end of this week, so the work schedule for Friday is tentative. I'll provide more details about that as we get more information on the conditions for those days.
If you have any questions about the new work schedule, or if you cannot meet the work requirements due to prior obligations, please call me as soon as possible at 903-8821.
Chopko Construction
On-site supervisor: Tom Chopko, Wendy Chopko
Wednesday May 30
Main task: Installation of roof structure framing
Morning shift: Joe Flores, Sam Smith, Dannie Churski
Afternoon shift: Pat Oh, Leslie Jera, Jay Capshaw
Thursday May 31
Main task: Roof installation
Morning shift: Jay Capshaw, Pat Oh, Sam Smith
Afternoon shift: Joe Flores, Dannie Churski, Leslie Jera
Friday June 1
Main task: Roof installation
Morning shift: Dannie Churski, Leslie Jera, Jay Capshaw
Afternoon shift: Sam Smith, Joe Flores, Pat Oh 
196. Why was the work schedule changed?
(a) Because of a holiday
(b) Because of the weather
(c) Because of employee absences
(d) Because of budget restrictions.
197. When is the building expected to be finished?
(a) In late June
(b) In early July
(c) In late July
(d) In early August.
198. What is indicated about the schedule for June 1? 
(a) It might change.
(b) It will be posted on Thursday.
(c) It is only for half of the day.
(d) It must be approved by Mr. Chopk.
199. According to the schedule, on what section of the building will employees work?
(a) The roof
(b) The floors
(c) The windows
(d) The foundation.
200. Who will NOT work during the morning shift on May 30?
(a) Pat Oh
(b) Sam Smith
(c) Joe Flores
(d) Dannie Churski.
101. B
102. C
103. C
104. B
105. D
106. D
107. A
108. C
109. A
110. D
111. D
112. B
113. D
114. C
115. D
116. C
117. A
118. B
119. B
120. A
121. C
122. C
123. D
124. D
125. A
126. A
127. A
128. B
129. C
130. B
131. D
132. C
133. A
134. B
135. D
136. C
137. B
138. C
139. B
140. B
141. A
142. C
143. A
144. C
145. B
146. A
147. B
148. A
149. D
150. C
151. D
152. B
153. D
154. A
155. D
156. C
157. D
158. B
159. D
160. C
161. A
162. C
163. A
164. A
165. D
166. A
167. B
168. D
169. B
170. C
171. A
172. C
173. C
174. B
175. D
176. D
177. B
178. B
179. C
180. B
181. B
182. A
183. B
184. A
185. B
186. C
187. D
188. A
189. D
190. B
191. C
192. A
193. D
194. C
195. C
196. B
197. B
198. A
199. A
200. A

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