Bài giảng Anh 7 Unit 1: Back to school - Lesson 1: A friends

Model sentence:

Nice to see/ meet you.

I’m in class (7A).

So am I/ I am, too.

How are you?




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Match the answers to each the questions   1/-what’s your name?2/- How are you today?3/- What class are you in? 4/- Are you a new student?5/-Bye.A:GoodbyeB:Fine, thanksC:Yes, I amE:Class 7A D:My name’s Hoa1-D 2-B 3-E 4-C 5-AUnit 1: BACK TO SCHOOLLesson 1:A Friends A1,A3 (page 10 and 12)1.Listen New wordsNice ( adj )Again ( adv )See (v)Meet (v)Classmate (n)Model sentence:Nice to see/ meet you.I’m in class (7A).So am I/ I am, too.How are you?Answer key:What is the new girl’s name?b) What class is she in? c) Who is also in class 7A?- Her name’s Hoa.- She is in class 7A.- Nam is also in class 7A.3. ListenS1: Good. My name’s TanS2: Nice to you, Nga. My name’s Nam. Are you a new student?S1: Yes. I’m in class 7A.S2: Oh, so am I afternoonmeetseemorningHomework:Practice the dialogues again.Learn the Model sentence.Make the similar dialoguesPrepare A2 unit 1

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