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Các bạn thân mến,

Viết Essay là đích đến cuối cùng và cũng là kỹ năng khó nhất mà người học viết phải đối mặt

nếu muốn giỏi Tiếng Anh. Hơn nữa, nó liên quan trực tiếp đến vốn ngữ pháp mà các bạn đã và

đang học hiện nay; do vậy, trước khi đi vào vấn đề chính, Tôi có vài lời khuyên cho các bạn

muốn học viết giỏi như sau:

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point corresponding to the order of the essay’s 
main points in the thesis. 
 Phát thảo dàn ý cho mỗi đoạn thân bài tương ứng với một luận điểm theo thứ tự 
trong luận đề. 
 Bullet points to describe what each paragraph will contain. 
 Nêu ra những điểm cần viết cho từng đoạn. 
IV. Tips of writing: 
 Reading as much as you can to explore new ways and new beautiful structures as 
you need to supplement your essay in order that your essay becomes more 
professional and vivid. 
 Bạn cần phải đọc sách báo càng nhiều càng tốt vì nó giúp cho bạn khám phá ra 
những cách viết mới hay những cấu trúc câu hay và độc đáo, nhờ thế bạn sẽ áp 
dụng vào bài Essay của mình để làm cho nó sinh động và chuyên nghiệp hơn. 
 Using as many synonyms as possible to create an abundant essay. 
Lê Quốc Bảo Page 7 
 Bạn nên sử dụng càng nhiều từ đồng nghĩa càng tốt để làm cho bài văn của bạn 
sinh động tránh nhàm chán. 
 Adding transitional words, such as adverbs at the beginning of the paragraph and 
between each sentence if possible. This makes your essay sound smoother and 
more professional. 
 Nhớ thêm từ chuyển ý như là trạng từ trước mỗi đoạn văn và mỗi câu nếu có thể, 
vì nó sẽ làm cho bài văn của bạn mượt mà và chuyên nghiệp hơn. 
V. Language Check: 
 After finishing writing Essay, you are not really done yet. 
 Sau khi viết xong, bạn vẫn chưa thật sự hoàn tất. 
 Your job right now is to go back and proofread the entire essay until grammatical 
errors, sentence structures, content, and formality are properly corrected. 
 Công việc của bạn lúc này là quay lại đọc lại toàn bộ bài văn và sửa những lỗi 
ngữ pháp, cấu trúc câu, nội dung bài văn, và cách trang trí bài văn cho hợp lý. 
 Moreover, you have others proofread and edit intuitively to make your essay go 
and sound smoothly. 
 Ngoài ra, bạn cần phải nhờ một người nào đó rành về Tiếng Anh đọc lại bài văn 
của bạn và sửa những lỗi bạn mắc phải để chắc chắn rằng bài văn của bạn được 
hoàn hảo. 
 You have done. 
 Giờ đây bạn đã thật sự xong. 
VI. The Sample Essay: 
Lê Quốc Bảo Page 8 
Bài văn bên dưới là bài văn so sánh, ở đây Tôi so sánh vài điểm tương phản 
hơn thiệt khi sống ở Tp.HCM và Tp. Đà Lạt (quê tác giả). Bài viết này thể hiện 
quan điểm riêng của tác giả, do vậy, các bạn đừng quá chú trọng vào nội dung mà 
hãy tham khảo cách hành văn và bố cục từng đoạn nói riêng, cả bài văn nói chung. 
Tôi cũng nêu lên từng comment để các bạn tiện theo dõi và ôn lại bố cục một bài 
Living in Ho Chi Minh and Da Lat 
Can life in Ho Chi Minh City be considered a paradise? It is so difficult to 
respond to this question. Nowadays, there are so many people nationwide who choose 
Ho Chi Minh City as their second home because they think they will benefit a lot 
from this city, such as schools, hospitals, or money. Those having lived in Ho Chi 
Minh and Da Lat for ages will easily recognize that these are three typical differences 
which make Da Lat a better place to live in than Ho Chi Minh: weather, 
transportation, and cost of living. 
One noticeable difference between the two places is the weather. Ho Chi Minh 
City has two distinct seasons: a very humid, rainy season and a long, hot, dry season 
throughout the year. The highest temperature climbs to approximately 39°C around 
noon in late April and the lowest might be about 16°C in the early mornings of late 
December. In the dry season, December through April, it is really hot and humid. The 
hot climate is hard enough on the people that they have to turn the air conditioner all 
day. In the rainy period of May to November, it is a little cold but still humid because 
it has been constantly raining during this period of time. It is not easy to live in such a 
hot city because one always breaks into perspiration and feel uncomfortable in a daily 
Comment [V1]: Title 
Comment [V2]: Hook 
Comment [V3]: Thesis Statement 
Comment [V4]: Topic Sentence 
Lê Quốc Bảo Page 9 
routine. Like Ho Chi Minh City, Da Lat also has two separate seasons that are rainy 
and dry seasons, yet these two seasons are clearly marked by distinct weather 
changes. In the dry season, November to April, it is somewhat hot but windy. This 
makes Da Lat more beautiful than the other. It can be considered an ideal point of 
time for students, who are out of school for summer, to go flying kites. The average 
daily high temperature peaks at 22°C at the end of June. The average relative 
humidity ranges from over 90% in the morning to around 60% the afternoon. The 
rainy season in Da Lat, May through October, is cool and rainy, with temperatures 
averaging in the upper 18°C to lower 22°C during the day and in the 13°C to lower 
17°C at night. This makes people living in Da Lat feel cool and comfortable 
throughout the year; therefore, one can enjoy fresh air and comfortable temperature 
all day. With such weather conditions, Da Lat definitely has more exclusive and 
desirable weather than Ho Chi Minh City. Overall, Da Lat is currently one of the 
most preferable places nationwide for people to visit for different purposes, such as 
settling in. 
Another major difference is transportation. It is true that Ho Chi Minh, one of the 
popular destinations, tends to be crowded and congestion occurs at any time, 
especially the time of getting off from work. Congestion takes on many faces, occurs 
in many different contexts, and is caused by many different processes. For example, a 
person has to go to work by motorcycle every single day. It takes him about an hour 
to come and leave the office because of heavy traffic congestion during rush hour. 
Besides, a growing number of local public transportation, such as taxis, buses moving 
on the narrow and down-graded roads all day also accounts for the chaotic and 
Comment [V5]: Concluding Sentence 
Comment [V6]: Topic Sentence 
Lê Quốc Bảo Page 10 
disordered traffic flow models. Moreover, the volume of cars in Ho Chi Minh City is 
considered as the leading nationwide which causes perpetual traffic jam daily, 
especially during rush hour. Conversely, there is not much traffic in Da Lat. For 
example, students can spend approximately 10 minutes cycling to get home from 
school 2 to 3 miles away even if in the rush hour. Population in Da Lat is still lower 
than in Ho Chi Minh City’s. This leads to the use of vehicles in Da Lat is also less 
than in Ho Chi Minh City’s, especially cars. This apparent distinction of 
transportation makes Da Lat unique and much more attractive to people who tend to 
settle there. 
The most visible distinction between the two places is cost of living. In Ho Chi 
Minh, an average cost of living was about 2,000,000 VND/person a month (20,000 
VND ~ 1 USD) with an average salary per a worker per month from 2,500,000 VND 
to 3,000,000 VND (equivalent to $125 to $150) in 2010. This showed how high 
living expenses are in Ho Chi Minh City at the time. Moreover, it is hard for those 
who want to own a piece of small land to raise or plant anything on because land cost 
here is terribly much expensive and valued. An average cost of 100 square-feet house 
here estimated over 1 billion VND (equivalent to $50,000) in 2010. Conversely, in Da 
Lat, it only cost 1/4 times of cost of living/person/month in Ho Chi Minh while an 
average salary per a worker was between 1,500,000 VND and 2,000,000 VND 
(equivalent to from $75 to $100) in 2010. Compared to Ho Chi Minh, it is really 
cheap because one can plant any vegetables and raise poultry he wants in order to use 
fresh food and save a huge amount of money to live better. Moreover, nothing tastes 
as good as home grown, fresh-picked fruits, and vegetables. For instance, one can 
Comment [V7]: Concluding Sentence 
Comment [V8]: Topic Sentence 
Lê Quốc Bảo Page 11 
raise a small garden for vegetables and raise chickens and ducks for eggs and meat. 
When vegetables are needed, it just takes a few minutes to pick them, or if one is in 
need of chickens, he could catch one from a herd of cattle. This not only saves 
money, but energy. Further, housing opportunities are available for everyone, 
especially low income workers because it does not cost too much to own one. 
Average cost of a house here was approximately 200,000,000 VND (equivalent to 
$10,000) in 2010 for a 100 square-feet house. This is really important information for 
those deciding where to live in order to save money and cover all living expenses. 
Thus, cost of living is both significant and prerequisite for one’s reference before 
making a decisive action for a better place to settle in. In general, the cost of living in 
Da Lat is less than Ho Chi Minh City. It is still a preferable choice to live in. 
The difference of weather, transportation, and cost of living between Ho Chi 
Minh and Da Lat bring them some advantages and disadvantages. With such the cool 
weather throughout the year, little transportation, and less cost of living, Da Lat is an 
ideal destination for people who are really looking for quietness, fresh air, and 
coolness to settle in. It is in such perfect condition that the population in Da Lat has 
been gradually increasing in recent years. Now, it is a strong recommendation for 
those definitely wanting to live in Da Lat that life in Da Lat can be considered a 
paradise. Therefore, living in Da Lat is still the best choice to consider future 
settlement and investment. 
 Mời các bạn tham gia thảo luận Tiếng Anh tại: 
Comment [V9]: Concluding Sentence 
Comment [V10]: Thesis Restatement 
Comment [V11]: Suggestion 
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