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The line graph compares the weekly consumption of three different types of

fast food in the UK between 1970 and 1990.

During the research period, the quantities of Hamburger and Fish & Chips eaten

both rose significantly. By contrast, there was a slight decrease in the figure for Pizza.

In 1970, the amount of Pizza consumed was highest, at more than 300 grams,

while only around 80 and 30 grams of Fish & Chips and Hamburger were eaten

respectively. The amount of Pizza consumed slightly fell to more than 200 grams in

1980, whereas the figures for two other types gradually went up.

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d this is a negative development. 
(280 words) 
Some people think that the best way to ensure road safety is to increase the 
minimum legal age for driving cars or riding motorbikes. To what extent do you 
agree or disagree? 
Some individuals argue that raising the minimum legal age for driving cars or 
riding motorbikes is the most effective method of increasing road safety. While I 
accept that this policy is good in some ways, I believe there are better measures to 
reduce traffic accidents. 
To begin with, I believe it is a good idea to increase the minimum age required 
for driving. Firstly, when people are young, they are usually less mature and less 
responsible with their manners, so they might not be aware of the importance of 
following the rules. Therefore, it is reasonable to ban them from travelling on the 
street to prevent them from breaking the law and causing accidents. Secondly, as 
older people are more experienced, they can know how to react quickly to handle 
dangerous situations on the road, while younger ones might not be able to. To 
illustrate, if the brakes of a car suddenly stop working, a young driver might panic, 
and accidents are more likely to occur. 
However, I would argue that there are better methods of ensuring road safety. 
The first one is to have stricter punishments for driving offenders. For example, 
people who break traffic rules should be required to pay huge fines or be banned 
permanently from commuting on the street. This makes commuters more likely to 
respect the law, and traffic accidents can be reduced. Another solution is to 
encourage people to use public transport rather than private vehicles. This can be 
done by reducing the price and increasing the frequency of buses and tubes to make 
it more convenient for users. 
In conclusion, I believe apart from increasing the legal age for driving, there are 
more effective ways to make sure that travelling on the street is safe for everyone. 
(294 words) 
Some people believe that developing countries should concentrate on 
improving industrial skills whereas others argue that these countries should 
promote education first. Discuss the both viewpoints and give your own opinion. 
People have different views about whether developing countries should focus 
on enhancing industrial skills or education. While there are some benefits of 
improving working skills, I would argue that education should be the top priority of 
these nations. 
There are several reasons why industrial skills should be improved. Firstly, since 
developing countries often lack workers with specialised ability, the governments of 
these countries should invest more in training and enhancing working skills to 
provide sufficient work force. For example, in Vietnam, there are currently very few 
people who work in the automobile manufacturing industry, so it is necessary to 
increase the number of workers in this field. Secondly, when workers' practical skills 
are improved, the productivity of factories would be enhanced. As a result, more 
goods with higher qualities would be produced, which generates more money for the 
whole nation. 
However, I believe promoting education would lead to a more stable growth for 
developing countries. The first reason is that since education provides basic 
knowledge for people, it is likely to assist in the development of other industries. For 
instance, education can help scientists to come up with new technologies, which 
allows workers to produce modern devices such as smart phones. The second benefit 
of improving the education system is that this would produce good citizens. Being 
well educated, people would be more likely to have good behaviour such as obeying 
the law, and this contributes to the development of the entire society. If inadequate 
attention is paid to education, the growth of countries will only be short-term. 
In conclusion, I think developing countries should concentrate more on 
enhancing education because it will bring about stable and long-term developments. 
(279 words) 
Nowadays, many families have both parents working. Some working parents 
believe other family members like grandparents can take care of their children, 
while others think childcare centres provide the best care. Discuss both views and 
give your own opinion. 
Currently, many parents tend to be busy working, and they need to rely on 
someone else to take care of their offspring. While some people think childcare 
organisations can offer the best care, I would argue that it is better for children to be 
looked after by their grandparents. 
On the one hand, it is believed that youngsters should be sent to childcare 
centres for some reasons. The first one is that since those centres are professional 
organisations, their staff are often well trained and therefore have good babysitting 
skills. For example, when a child falls over and gets himself injured, a staff can react 
quickly and give him first aid. Furthermore, children can have a chance to make 
friends with their peers when coming there, which might increase their 
communication and language abilities. If they are looked after by their family at 
home, they might feel a bit lonely. 
On the other hand, I believe it is a better idea for grandparents to take care of 
their grandchildren. Firstly, as grandparents have lived for many years and have 
brought up their own offspring, they have much experience in raising children. For 
instance, they might know how to calm the baby down when he cries. Secondly, 
grandparents are family members, so they love their grandchildren more than other 
people do. As a result, they tend to spend much more time and effort caring for their 
grandchildren compared to a childcare staff. Finally, youngsters looked after by their 
grandparents are likely to become more family-oriented and appreciate the value of 
a happy family. 
In conclusion, while there are some benefits of children being sent to childcare 
centres, I believe they should be raised by their own grandparents. 
(286 words, written by IELTS Quang Thắng) 
In some countries the average weight of people is increasing and their levels 
of health and fitness are decreasing. 
What do you think are the causes of these problems and what measures could 
be taken to solve them? 
People around the world are currently getting more obese, and they also have 
to face with increasing health problems. There are some factors leading to this, and 
effective solutions should be produced soon to prevent this issue. 
To begin with, there are several elements that cause health deterioration. 
Firstly, individuals these days tend to eat too much fast food. This kind of food is 
extremely convenient and time-saving, so people increasingly consume fast food 
despite knowing its harmful effects. As a result, those diners who eat an excessive 
amount of fast food are more likely to suffer from obesity or diabetes. Secondly, 
young people often lack physical activities due to their limited free time. In this 
modern life, everyone is busy working and therefore does not have enough time for 
However, some feasible measures could be used to tackle this problem. First, 
the government should limit the amount of fast food consumed. This can be done by 
increasing tax rates on selling fast food or running advertising campaigns to raise 
people’s awareness. The quality of fast food restaurants must also be controlled by 
the authorities. Furthermore, citizens should be encouraged to exercise more. The 
government needs to invest more money on constructing sports facilities or holding 
sports competitions for non-professionals. For example, office workers might have 
more incentive to play sports if they can win money from taking part in competitions. 
In conclusion, the health of people is getting worse because of some reasons, 
and there should be some possible solutions for this serious problem. 
(254 words) 
Many young people who leave school hold a negative attitude towards 
learning. Why does this happen? What are the solutions? 
An increasing number of school leavers are currently having a negative attitude 
towards studying. This problem is caused by some factors, and it should be tackled 
by some effective solutions. 
There are some reasons why young people who leave school dislike learning. 
Firstly, the school curriculum is usually too demanding. Apart from attending 
lectures, students are also required to complete a large number of assignments and 
group projects, so they might feel stressed and exhausted after studying intensely. 
Gradually, they are against learning. Secondly, students often have to learn many 
unnecessary subjects that do not provide any benefits for their future. For example, 
when studying History, learners must memorise events in the past although they 
cannot apply this sort of knowledge into earning money later on. As a result, high 
school education might be considered a waste of time. 
Fortunately, some measures could be taken to prevent this problem. The first 
solution would be to make lessons more interesting. For instance, visual aids such as 
video clips should be added in order to attract learners’ attention. Therefore, 
studying would become a hobby rather than an obligation, and students would have 
greater motivation to learn. Secondly, lessons that are not necessary should be cut 
down, and schools should only provide knowledge that students can apply in their 
future career. When the number of non-essential subjects is reduced and the school 
syllabus becomes more practical, learners would really see the benefits of education. 
In conclusion, school leavers tend to have a negative attitude towards learning 
because of some reasons, and solutions should be produced soon to tackle this issue. 
(267 words) 

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