Tổng hợp 100 topics cho IELTS speaking

1. Action. . 2

2. Cardinal – Ordinal Number / Counting . 6

3. Places - Location. . 8

4. Room – Location . . 11

5. Transportation. . 12

6. Material. . 13

7. Food - General . . 14

8. Korean Food . . 15

9. Kitchen. . 16

10. Fruit. 17

11. Vegetable . . 18

12. People - Job. . 19

13. People - Family. . 22

14. Body Anatomy. . 23

15. Medical – Disease. . 26

16. Animal. . 27

17. Avian - Bird . . 29

18. Insect. . 31

19. Fishes – Underwater Animals. . 31

20. Trees – Flowers. . 33

21. School – University . . 35

22. Office Stationary – Study Accesory . 36

23. House Things . . 38

24. Electronics Equipment. . 40Page 2 of 59

25. Hand tools . 42

26. Adjectives . 42

27. Adverb. 43

28. Time . 43

29. Position – Direction . 45

30. Weather. 46

31. Fashion – Clothes - Accessories. 46

32. Personal Accessory. 48

33. Shapes and Geometry . 49

34. Sport. 49

35. Shopping - Finance . 50

36. Entertainment - Music . 50

37. Country . 51

38. Greeting /My name is /Good bye. 52

39. I am student. Are you officer? . 52

40. Where are you from? . 53

41. What is this? This is /Is this/Is that? . 53

42. This is good / That is expensive /This shirt is . 54

43. Doing Something . 54

44. What does someone do something?. 55

45. Verb in Present Tense (casual form) . 55

46. Where is this / Where are we? . 55

47. Doing something at somewhere. 56

48. Where are you going?. 56

49. In the restaurant ( Trong nhà hàng ăn) . 57

50. Shopping (đi mua sắm). 57

51. In the market (đi chợ) . 58

52. Rent a house / Thuê nhà. 59

53. In the hospital /Bệnh viện . 59

54. Telephone call / Điện thoại. 59

55. In the immigration office . 59

56. Call police . 59

57. Post office . 59

58. Comparison / So sánh . 59

59. Max comparison – Best . 59

60. If . Then / Nếu thì. 59

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ely, I lost the bear at an amusement center, which made me cry for 
almost a week. At that time, I felt like I had lost a good friend who I could share everything 
At present, whenever I watch this cartoon or see any photos of Winnie the Pooh, all the 
wonderful memories about him are brought back. Thanks to the bear, I experienced a happy 
✓ was keen on: [phrasal verb] was eager to/was enthusiastic about 
Example: He was keen on fishing when he was a boy, and he still loves to go fishing at 
✓ pestering: [verb] annoying someone by asking them many times. 
Example: In the shop, some children were pestering their mother to buy ice-cream. 
✓ stuffed bear: [noun] a toy in the shape of a bear, made of cloth and filled with soft 
Example: Stuffed bears have always been popular as toys for young children. 
✓ identical to: [adjective] exactly the same as someone or something else. 
Written by Ngoc Bach 
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Example: His sports bag is identical to mine, and as a result one day I took his bag by 
✓ amusement center: [noun] a center which has a lot of things which you can play on 
and many different activities to enjoy. 
Example: Our city has a huge shopping mall, and it has a fantastic amusement center for 
children to play while their parents are shopping. 
99. Describe a skill you learned when you were a child. 
You should say: 
what skill it was 
who taught you this skill 
how you learned it 
and explain why you learned this skill. 
Today, I would like to share with you a skill I learned when I was a child. Music is really my kind of 
thing, especially the sound of musical instruments. One of those that I enjoyed immensely was piano. 
I had always been attracted to this sound, therefore, I signed up for a piano course when I was in 
grade 5. 
My piano teacher was on the wrong side of 30, but she looked quite young for her age. To be honest, I 
didn’t pick up playing the piano very easily, so I had a problem in learning this skill at first. 
Fortunately, she was a very experienced and enthusiastic teacher, and she helped to familiarize me 
with every single lesson. I definitely found it soothing and inspiring when she taught me how to play 
the piano effectively. 
Besides taking piano lessons, I also tried my best to learn on my own through the internet, spending a 
lot of time searching for online lessons to work on. I did pretty well, and as a result, I had a chance to 
join a piano contest that took place at The Opera House in Hanoi. I was really proud of that. 
I have discovered that music plays an integral part in my life, getting me through tough situations, 
even the hardest days. Sometimes, I think everybody needs to take a little time to wind down and 
enjoy ourselves. Playing piano is actually how I usually spend my free time because it is really a good 
way for me to relax and refresh my mind. 
✓ my kind of thing (expression): something that you like or that you are into 
Example: Hip hop music is my kind of thing, but I can’t stand country music. 
✓ immensely (adv): greatly, especially 
Example: She loves Taylor Swift immensely. I think she is her biggest fan. 
Written by Ngoc Bach 
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✓ to be attracted to (expression): to really like someone or something 
Example: She has been attracted to fashion since she was only two or three years old. She loves to 
shop for clothing. 
✓ on the wrong side of 30 (expression): to be on the downhill side of a decade, so after 35, 
going toward 40, in this case. 
Example: My professor must be on the wrong side of 50, but his girlfriend doesn’t care. 
✓ pick up (phrasal verb): to learn something 
Example: When I was living in France, I picked up French very easily after only a few months. 
✓ Fortunately (adv): used to say that something good or lucky has happened 
Example: Fortunately for him, his mother paid for his plane ticket to New York. 
✓ enthusiastic (adj): excited, having a positive and upbeat attitude 
Example: He is an enthusiastic swimmer; he swims every day for 2 hours. 
✓ familiarize me with (expression): to learn about something new 
Example: I need to familiarize myself with this new cell phone that I just purchased yesterday. 
✓ definitely (adv): for sure 
Example: I definitely do not want to eat pizza again this evening. I have eaten it every night this week. 
✓ soothing (adj): relaxing, usually something soft and quiet 
Example: She put on some soothing music and took a bath. 
✓ inspiring (adj): that which motivates you to do something 
Example: The speech that the president gave turned out to be so inspiring that the workers decided to 
stop their strike. 
✓ to work on (phrasal verb): to do, to practice 
Example: I have to work on my English if I want to pass the IELTS exam. 
✓ to play an integral part in (something) (expression): to be an important part of something 
Example: My husband plays an integral part in running the day-to-day operations of our family 
✓ wind down (phrasal verb): to relax, usually after doing something hard 
Example: After coming home from work, she had a glass of wine and a bath to wind down. 
✓ refresh (verb): to make (someone) have more energy and feel less tired or less hot 
Example: When he finishes his workout, he takes a shower to refresh himself before going to work. 
100. Describe a short trip that you frequently make (or, take) but dislike. 
You should say: 
where you travel from and to 
how often you make this trip 
why you make this trip 
and explain why you dislike this trip. 
Written by Ngoc Bach 
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I would like to talk about a short trip that I frequently take but dislike. My family and I have been 
living in Hanoi, however, we always make time for visiting my grandparents every other weekend in 
our hometown. It is situated in Ninh Binh province, which lies about 90 kms from Hanoi. 
It normally takes us around 1 hour and a half to get there by car. To be honest, I usually get carsick, so 
I do not really enjoy travelling by car on trips outside the city. I mean, it makes me feel very tired and 
I have a headache throughout the journey, therefore I tend to fall asleep instead of staying awake to 
Despite the fact that carsickness makes it difficult for me to put up with even this short trip, I still try 
my best to take time to visit my grandparents with my small family. You know, because we are living 
in a big city, we are so caught up in work and study as well, that our lifestyle does not allow us to 
have much time to get together too often. 
We always make the most of the family get-together, sharing the cooking, having meals and swapping 
a lot of stories with each other. What I really enjoy are the beautiful views of the countryside that my 
hometown offers. Once you have seen it, I guess, you would keep coming back for more. Although it 
is so tough to stop my carsickness, our family ties and the beauty of my small hometown will keep 
drawing me back there. 
✓ every other: [adjective] each alternate, every second. 
Example: We have to pay the electricity bill every other month – in January, March, May and so on. 
✓ carsick: [adjective] a feeling in your stomach that makes you want to be sick/vomit because 
of the movement of a car. 
Example: Whenever I try to read a book or newspaper in a car, I start to feel carsick. 
✓ staying awake: [expression] not going to sleep. 
Example: After studying all night, I found it difficult staying awake during the exam. 
✓ carsickness: [noun] the feeling that you are going to be sick when you travel in a car. 
Example: We had to stop the car several times during the journey, because I was suffering from 
carsickness. I felt better after a short break and a walk for a couple of minutes. 
✓ put up with: [phrasal verb] accept someone or something which is annoying or unpleasant, 
without complaining. 
Example: Although our hotel room was small and uncomfortable, we decided to put up with it for 
one night. 
✓ caught up in: [phrasal verb] very involved in an activity, so that you do not notice other 
Example: I was so caught up in my revision that I forgot to feed the dog. 
Written by Ngoc Bach 
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Group IELTS Ngoc Bach: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ieltsngocbach/ Page 160 
✓ get together: [expression] if two or more people get together, they meet each other, having 
arranged the meeting before. 
Example: Shall we get together for a coffee and a chat on Friday? 
✓ make the most of: [expression] use to the best advantage. 
Example: I will make the most of my year in Spain to improve my Spanish. 
✓ swapping: [verb] giving something and receiving something in exchange. 
Example: Swapping e-mails after the holiday, we arranged to keep in contact in future. 
✓ offers: [verb] provides the opportunity for something. 
Example: The hotel offers excellent facilities for families. 
✓ tough: [adjective] difficult. 
Example: I will have to study hard, because the exam is really tough. 
✓ family ties: [noun] strong connections between members of a family. 
Example: Now that my sister has moved to Australia, it is difficult to maintain our old family ties. 
✓ drawing me back: [phrasal verb] attracting or encouraging me to return. 
Example: My memories of Paris keep drawing me back to visit the city. 

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