Toeic - Sample tests (2)


In the listening test, you will be asked to demonstrate how well you understand spoken English. The entire listening test will last approximately 45 minutes. There are four parts, and directions are given for each part.


Directions: For each question in this part, you will hear four statements about a picture in your test book.

When you hear the statements, you must select the one statement that best describes what you see in the picture by marking the correct answer option: A, B, C, or D on the answer sheet. The statements will not be printed in your test book and will be spoken only one time.


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ch led to a 3-percent increase 
in sales, and a 100-percent increase in production capacity." 
McCartney has been quick to spread the wealth. Last year, a bottle of Clear Water retailed for $1.50. 
Now, MEP training has enabled the company to slash the price to $1.20. 
Your turn 
Dear editor: 
I enjoyed the article on MEP in the June issue of Sustainability Magazine. When manufacturers pass 
savings onto customers, everybody wins. 
Overall, the writer did a fine job. However, there is one mistake in the article I would like to point out. 
After our company finished training with MEP, sales jumped 30 percent, and our production capacity 
increased by 10 percent. 
I would encourage every manufacturer to consider partnering with MEP. There's always some fat that 
can be trimmed from the production process. 
William Lyons 
CEO, Clear Water Bottling 
(181) What is the main purpose of MEP? 
 (A) To help manufacturers increase their profits 
 (B) To create new jobs in the manufacturing sector 
 (C) To teach manufacturers how to reduce waste 
 (D) To lower the retail prices of consumer goods 
(182) In the article, the word "green" in paragraph 1, line 2, is closest in meaning to 
 (A) paper 
 (B) money 
 (C) sales 
 (D) coins 
(183) Who is Mark McCartney? 
 (A) Author of the article 
 (B) Clear Water CEO 
 (C) President of the MEP 
 (D) Clear Water general manager 
(184) What is NOT true? 
 (A) Clear Water's sales rose by 3 percent 
 (B) Clear Water's production capacity increased 10 percent 
 (C) Clear Water dropped its retail prices 
 (D) Clear Water halved its energy production
TOEIC Test 1, Questions 
Photocopiable 30 © 
(185) According to the article, how much money did MEP help firms save last year? 
 (A) $10.5 billion 
 (B) $57,000 
 (C) $1,000,000 
 (D) $1.4 billion 
Questions 186-190 refer to the following invoice and email reply. 
Invoice #0907282 
Date: Sept. 15, 2009 
From: Stanley Supplies 
808 Merchant St. 
Worcester, NE 
To: Office Corral 
912 Ocean Blvd. 
Costa Verdes, CA 
Item No. Unit cost Comments Total 
Cases, white 6 $100 10% discount $600 
Color ink 50 $15 50 more on $750 
cartridges back-order 
Black ink 75 $10 $750 
computer chairs 5 $500 Back ordered $2,500 
from Aug. 
Boxes, 100 $5 50 medium, $500 
ballpoint pens 50 fine point 
brochures 10 $0 Referral $0 
Sub-total: 246 $620 $5,100 
Shipping: $500 
Total: $6,600 
Subject: Invoice no. 0907282 
Hi Marc, 
We received our Sept. order yesterday. Thank you for your usual prompt shipment. We appreciate the 
fast turn-around. 
Unfortunately, I noticed a couple of discrepancies between the freight and the invoice. First, the 
discount for the white photocopier paper does not seem to be factored into the total. We have been
TOEIC Test 1, Questions 
Photocopiable 31 © 
buying this paper from you at $100 a case, so shouldn't six cases with a 10-percent discount come to 
Second, according to my records we had 10 crates of computer chairs on back order. Are more coming? 
If so, what's the soonest you expect they could arrive? Also, could you please give me an idea when 
more color ink cartridges will be available? Our inventory is low, and we are planning to have a special 
sale for Halloween. 
Could you please get back to me ASAP? I need to clarify these questions before I place our October 
order. If you prefer to call, it's best to reach me today on my direct line: 556-424-8737. 
Thanks again Marc, 
Ida Velasquiz 
Comptroller, Office Corral 
(186) What is the main function of the invoice? 
 (A) To confirm delivery 
 (B) To order supplies 
 (C) To request money 
 (D) To rectify mistakes 
(187) What can be inferred about Stanley Supplies and Office Corral? 
 (A) They are in different countries. 
 (B) They do business frequently. 
 (C) They have a poor relationship. 
 (D) They are both new companies. 
(188) In the e-mail, the word "discrepancies" in paragraph 2, line 1, is closest in meaning to 
 (A) differences 
 (B) errors 
 (C) figures 
 (D) calculations 
(189) How many additional crates of computer chairs is Ms. Velasquiz expecting? 
 (A) 50 
 (B) 10 
 (C) 5 
 (D) 6 
(190) According to the invoice, why did Office Corral receive free promotional brochures? 
 (A) For placing such a large order 
 (B) For referring a new customer 
 (C) For back-ordering ink cartridges 
 (D) For being such a steady client
TOEIC Test 1, Questions 
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Questions 191-195 refer to the following invitation and letter. 
You're invited 
Howard and Jennifer Jacobson request the honor of your presence on Aug. 10th to celebrate the joining 
of their son, Jeffrey Parker Jacobson, and his fiancee, Marilyn Strummers, in holy matrimony. 
The ceremony will take place at 11 a.m. in Riverside Park, 11220 River Dr. NW, followed by a luncheon 
reception at the adjacent Green Mansion, then a procession to the airport to see the couple off to their 
honeymoon in Bermuda. 
Gifts are appreciated but not necessary; the fellowship of family and friends at this special time is 
blessing enough. We hope and pray that you will be able to join us for this momentous occasion. 
Please RSVP by July 15th via letter or email to: 
Gloria Stroust 
Superior Catering 
120 Union Ave. 
July 11th, 2009 
Dear Ms. Stroust, 
I am writing in regard to the invitation sent by Howard and Jennifer Jacobson. Please forgive my 
relatively late reply, as I was out of town and did not have a chance to read the invitation until last 
I am thrilled that my friend and former college roommate, Marilyn Strummers, is finally tying the knot. 
I am disappointed, however, that I will not be able to attend her milestone event. I had a vacation to 
China scheduled for several weeks prior to hearing Marilyn's exciting news, and subsequent efforts to 
rearrange my travel plans have proved unsuccessful. Ironically, my flight departs at exactly the same 
time as the ceremony. I'll miss Jeff and Marilyn at the airport by only a few hours! 
It is with great regret that I must decline this gracious invitation, though I will contact Marilyn and 
congratulate her personally before I leave. Also, I would like to leave a gift for the newlyweds. Would it 
be appropriate to send a present to you? 
Please let me know. 
Patty Pakola 
4334 Stone Drive 
(191) In the invitation, the letters "RSVP" in paragraph 4, line 1, are closest in meaning to 
 (A) respond 
 (B) renounce 
 (C) receive 
 (D) rejoice 
(192) Why is the invitation mainly being sent? 
 (A) To celebrate a birthday 
 (B) To announce a wedding 
 (C) To raise money for charity 
 (D) To solicit lots of presents
TOEIC Test 1, Questions 
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(193) Who is Howard Jacobson? 
 (A) Father of the bride 
 (B) The groom 
 (C) Father of the groom 
 (D) The minister 
(194) What time does Patty Pakola's flight leave for China? 
 (A) 10 o'clock 
 (B) 11 o'clock 
 (C) 2 o'clock 
 (D) Noon 
(195) What can be inferred about Gloria Stroust? 
 (A) She used to live with Marilyn Strummers. 
 (B) She is good friends with Patty Pakola. 
 (C) She will take photographs at the wedding. 
 (D) She will serve food at the lunch and reception.
TOEIC Test 1, Questions 
Photocopiable 34 © 
Questions 196-200 refer to the following schedule and notice. 
City Pool - Summer swim schedule 
For more information about any of these programs, call the pool office at 506-807-7667. 
For the latest updates, including schedule changes and special events, call our 24-hour automated information 
line at 506-363-8123. 
Due to a maintenance problem, City Pool will be closed on Monday and Tuesday next week. The Aqua Jog, 
Master's Workout, Hydrofit, and Water Exercise classes on those days have been cancelled, and instructors will 
notify participants when the classes will be rescheduled. We are sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for 
your patience.
TOEIC Test 1, Questions 
Photocopiable 35 © 
Also, please note that there will be no public swims on the afternoons of July 14th through 18th, because the 
pool will be hosting the annual All-City Swimming and Diving Meet. Tickets for the meet are $5 for adults and 
$2.50 for children 12 and under, and can be purchased at the pool office or online at 
Thank you for using City Pool. For up-to-the-minute schedule information, call our info hotline at 506-363-
(196) What is the main purpose of the notice? 
 (A) To apologize for maintenance work 
 (B) To promote a swimming-diving meet 
 (C) To publicize the information hotline 
 (D) To announce schedule changes 
(197) How many Water Exercise classes will be affected by the pool closure? 
 (A) One 
 (B) Two 
 (C) Three 
 (D) Four 
(198) What is NOT true? 
 (A) There will be a public swim from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 16th. 
 (B) There will be a Water Fun class from 1:30-2:30 p.m. on Thursday of next week. 
 (C) Family swims are scheduled in the summer on Sundays and Thursdays. 
 (D) Adult and senior swims are offered twice on Mondays throughout the summer. 
(199) In the schedule, the word "aqua" in line 4 is closest in meaning to 
 (A) strenuous 
 (B) water 
 (C) adolescent 
 (D) oxygen 
(200) According to the schedule, how would someone find out more about the Masters Workout? 
 (A) By calling the pool office 
 (B) By calling the information hot line 
 (C) By visiting the pool website 
 (D) By writing for a special notice

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