Toeic 600 words


L1 Contracts

Abide by v. to comply with, to conform

Agreement n. a mutual arrangement, a contract

Agree v. agreeable adj.

Assurance n. q guarantee, confidence

Cancel v. to annul, to call off

Determine v. to find out, to influence

Engage v. to hire, to involve+

Establish v. to institute permanently, to bring about

Obligate v. to bind legally or morally

Obligation n. obligatory adj.

Party n. a person or group participating in an action or plan, the persons or sides concerned in a legal matter

Provision n. a measure taken beforehand, a stipulation

Provider n. provision n.

Resolve v. to deal with successfully, to declare


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vering broadly; inclusive
Comprehensiveness n., comprehensively adv.,
Deluxe	adj., noticeably luxurious
Directory	 n., a book or collection of information or directions
Duration	n., the time during which something lasts
Entitle	v., to allow or qualify
Fare	n., the money paid for transportation
Offset	v., to counterbalance
Operate	v., to perform a function
Operation n., operational adj.,
Punctual	adj., prompt
Punctuality n., punctually adv.,
Relatively	adv., somewhat
Remainder	n., the remaining part
Remote 	adj., far removed
Remoteness n., remotely adv.,
L39 Hotels
Advance 	n., a move forward
Chain	n, a group of enterprises under a single control
Check in	v., to register at a hotel; to report one’s presence
Confirm	v., to validate
Confirmation n., confirmed adj.,
Expect	v., to consider probable or reasonable
Expectation n., expectant adj.,
Housekeeper	n., someone employed to do domestic work
Notify	v., to report
Preclude	v., to make impossible; to rule out
Quote 	v., to give exact information on; n., a quotation
Quotation n., quotable adj.,
Rate	n., the payment or price according to a standard
Reserve	v., to set aside
Reservation n., in reserve n.,
Service	n., useful functions
L40 Car Rentals
Busy 	adj., engaged in activity
Coincide	v., to happen at the same time
Coincidence n., coincidentally adv.,
Confusion	n., a lack of clarity, order, or understanding
Contact	v., to get in touch with
Disappoint	v., to fail to satisfy the hope, desire, or expectation of
Intend	v., to have in mind
Intention n., intent adj.,
License	n., the legal permission to do or own a specified thing
Nervous	adj., easily agitated or distressed; uneasy or apprehensive
Nervousness n., nervously adv., 
Optional 	adj., not compulsory or automatic
Tempt	v., to be inviting or attractive to
Temptation n., tempting adj.,
Thrill 	n., the source or cause of excitement or emotion
Tier	n., a rank or class	
L41 Movies
Attain	v., to achieve
Attainment n., attainable adj.,
Combine	v., to come together
Continue	v., to maintain without interruption
Continuation n., continual adj.,
Description	n., a representation in words or pictures
Describe v., descriptive adj., 
Disperse 	v., to spread widely, to scatter
Entertainment	n., a diverting performance or activity
Entertain v., entertaining adj.,
Influence	v., to alter or affect
Range	n., the scope
Release	v., to make available to the pubic; to give permission for performance
Represent	v., to typify
Separate	adj., detached; kept apart
Successive	adj., following in order
L42 Theater
Acting	n., the series (连续,系列) of events that form the plot of a story or play
Approach	v. to go near; to come close to in appearance or quality; n., a way or means of reaching something
Approachable adj., approach n.,
Audience 	n., the spectators at a performance
Create	v., to produce through artistic or imaginative effort
Creation n., creative adj.,
Dialogue	n., a conversation between two or more persons
Element	n., fundamental or essential constituent
Experience 	n., an event or a series of events participated in or lived through v.,
Experienced adj., 
Occur	v., to take place; to come about
Perform	v., to act before an audience, to give a public presentation of 
Performance n., performer n.,
Rehearse (排演,预演)	v., to practice in preparation for a public performance; to direct in rehearsal
Review	n., a critical estimate of a work or performance; v., writing a criticism of a performance
Sold out 	adj., having all tickets or accommodations completely sold, especially ahead of time; v., to sell all the tickets
L43 Music
Available	adj., ready for use; willing to serve
Broad	adj., covering a wide scope(活动范围)
Category	n., a division in a system of classification; a general class of ideas
Categorize v., categorical adj.,
Disparate(全异的)	adj., fundamentally distinct or different
Divide	v., to separate into parts
Favorite	adj., preferred
Favorable adj., favorably adv.,
Instinct	n., an inborn pattern that is a powerful motivation
Preference	n., someone or something liked over another or others
Prefer v., preferential adj.,
Reason	n., the basis or motive for a action; an underlying fact or cause
Relaxation 	n., the act of reacting or the state of being relaxed; refreshment of body or mind
Relax v., relaxed adj.,
Taste	n., the ability to discern what is excellent or appropriate
Urge(促进,催促)	v., to advocate earnestly; a., a natural desire
L44 Museums
Acquire	v., to gain possession of; to get by one’s own efforts
Admire	v., to regard with pleasure; to have esteem or respect for
Collection	n., a group of objects or works to be seen, studied, or kept together
Collect v., collector n.,
Criticism 	n., an evaluation, especially of literary or other artistic works
Criticize v., critic n.,
Express	v., to give an opinion or depict emotion
Fashion	n., the prevailing style or custom
Leisure	n., freedom from time-consuming duties; free time
Respond	v., to make a reply; to react
Response n., responsive adj.,
Schedule	n., a list of times of events; v., to enter on a schedule
Significant	adj., meaningful; having a major effect; important
Specialize	v., to concentrate on a particular activity
Specialist n., specialized adj.,
Spectrum 	n., a range of related qualities, ideas, or activities
L45 Media
Assignment	n., v., something, such as a task, that is assigned
Choose	v., to select one thing over another
Choice n., choosy adj.,
Constant	n., something that is unchanging or invariable(不变的,永恒的)
Constitute(制定,建立)	n., to be the elements or parts of 
Decisive	adj., characterized by decision and firmness
Disseminate(散布)	v., to scatter widely; to distribute
Impact	n., a strong, immediate impression
In depth	adj., in complete detail; thorough
Investigative	adj., specializing in uncovering and reporting hidden information
Investigation n., investigate v.,
Link	n., an association; a relationship
Subscribe	v., to receive a periodical regularly on order
Subscription n., subscribers n.,
Thorough (十分的,彻底的)	adj., exhaustively complete
Thoroughness n., thoroughly adv.,
L46 Doctor’s Office
Annual 	adj., yearly
Appointment	n., arrangements for a meeting; a position in a profession
Assess	v., to determine the value or rate of something
Assessment n., assessable adj.,
Diagnose (诊断)	v., to recognize a disease; to analyze the nature of something
Diagnosis n., diagnostic adj.,
Effective 	adj., producing the desired effect; being in effect
Instrument	n., a tool for precise work; the means whereby something is achieved
Manage	v., to handle; to deal with; to guide
Prevent	v., to keep from happening; to hinder
Prevention n., preventive
Recommend	v., to present as worthy; to endorse
Recommendation n., recommendable adj.,
Record(挡案)	v., to set down in writing; n., a official copy of documents
Refer	v., to direct for treatment or information; to mention
Serious 	adj., weighty
L47 Dentist’s office
Aware	adj., having knowledge
Catch up 	v., to bring up to date
Distraction	n., the act of being turned away from the focus
Distract v., distracted adj., 
Encouragement	n., inspiration or support
Evident	adj., easily seen or understood; obvious 
Evidence n., evidently adv., 
Habit	n., a customary manner or practice
Habitual adj., habitually adv.,
Illuminate(照明,照亮)	v., to provide or brighten with light
Irritate(激怒,刺激)	v., to chafe or inflame, to bother
Irritation n., irritable adj.,
Overview	n., a summary; a survey; a quick look 
Position	n., the right or appropriate place
Regularly	adv., occurring at fixed intervals
Restore	v., to bring back to an original condition
L48 Health Insurance
Allow	v., to let do or happen; to permit
Allowance n., allowable adj., 
Alternative	n., the choice between two mutually exclusive possibilities
Alternate v., alternatively adv., 
Aspect	n., a feature element; an appearance
Concern	v., to be of interest or importance to
Emphasize	v., to stress
Emphasis n., emphatic adj.,
Incur招致	v., to acquire or come into
Personnel	n., a group of employees or workers
Policy	n., a set of rules and regulations
Portion一部分	n., a section or quantity within a larger thing; a part of a whole
Regardless	adv., in spite of
Salary 	n., a fixed compensation paid regularly for work done; one’s pay
Suitable	adj., appropriate to a purpose or an occasion
Suit v., suitably adv., 
L49 Hospitals
Admit 	v., to permit to enter
Admittance n., admission n., 
Authorization	n., the act of sanctioning
Designate	v., to indicate or specify
Designation n., designator n.,
Escort 	n., a person accompanying another to guide or protect
Identify	v., to ascertain the name or belongings of
Identifiable adj., identification n.,
Missing	n., an inner calling to pursue an activity or perform a service
Permit	v., to allow
Permissible adj., permission n., 
Pertinent	adj., having relevance to the matter at hand
Procedure	n., a series of steps taken to accomplish an end
Result	n., an outcome
Statement 	n., an accounting showing an amount due; a bill
Usual 	adj., ordinary, expected
L50 Pharmacy
Consult	v., to seek advice or information of
Consultation n., consultative adj., 
Control 	v., to exercise authoritative or dominating influence
Convenient	adj., suited or favorable to one’s purpose; easy to reach
Convenience n., conveniently adv.,
Detect 	v., to discover or ascertain
Detection n., detectable adj.,
Factor	n., a contribution to an accomplishment, a result, or a process
Interaction	n., an influence; a mutual activity
Limit 	n., the point beyond which something cannot proceed
Monitor	v., to keep track of
Potential	adj., capable of being but not ye in existence; possible
Sample 	n., a portion, piece, or segment that is representative of a whole
Sense 	n., a judgment; an intellectual interpretation
Volunteer	n., one who performs a service without pay; v., to perform as a volunteer
Volunteerism n., voluntary adj.,

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