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Introduction Giới thiệu

Dialogue 1 Hội thoại 1

Hello, Mrs Smith Chào cô Smith

.how are you? Cô thế nào?

Fine.Thank you Cám ơn. Tôi khỏe

Please have a seat Mời cô ngồi

.would you like some coffee or tea? Cô có uống café hay trà?

No.Thank you.I'm fine Không. Cám ơn. Tôi ổn


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right ________ to ask for my help; I am far too busy even to listen! 
(A) moment
(B) situation
(C) opportunity
(D) circumstance
5. I hadn't see George for years, but when I saw him in the street, I ________ him at once. 
(A) reminded
(B) realized
(C) remarked
(D) remembered
6. The cat was so frightened that it ran ________ the bed to hide. 
(A) beside
(B) along
(C) inside
(D) under
7. He was unable to ________ his niece's wedding as he was ill. 
(A) be present
(B) visit
(C) attend
(D) assist
8. She bought red shoes to ________ her red dress and handbag. 
(A) pair
(B) match
(C) equal
(D) mate
9. We'll have to ________ the meeting until next week because no one can come tomorrow. 
(A) put down
(B) put off
(C) put on
(D) put round
10. I am not sure ________ the green coat is. 
(A) who's
(B) who
(C) whose
(D) whom
11. I don't think I'll beat him. I'm out of ________. 
(A) fitness
(B) game
(C) play
(D) practice
12. He is a very ________ person, but he has absolutely no sense of humour. 
(A) amusing
(B) entertaining
(C) enjoyable
(D) pleasant
13. The school arranges a ________ to Brighton every year. 
(A) rout
(B) trip
(C) passage
(D) travel
14. Beware ________ people who appear to be enthusiastic about your success. 
(A) from
(B) at
(C) by
(D) of
15. If you fail ________ this attempt, don't count on me for help. 
(A) on
(B) in
(C) at
(D) by
16. I separated them ________ each other because they were fighting. 
(A) against
(B) of
(C) off
(D) from
17. I have to leave before seven and so ________. 
(A) leave you
(B) you have
(C) you do
(D) do you
18. There were no lifeboats on the ship because it was ________ to be unsinkable. 
(A) argued
(B) claimed
(C) believed
(D) told
19. This church was ________ by the famous architect, Archbald Sparrow. 
(A) outlined
(B) designed
(C) produced
(D) composed
20. Jane is plain but her sister is very ________. 
(A) sympathetic
(B) sophisticated
(C) complex
(D) attractive
English testing level C - Exam 6
Her husband treated her badly. I'm surprised she ________ it for so long. 
(A) put up with
(B) put off
(C) put through
(D) put up
2. The bank manager ________ me to open a deposit account as soon as possible. 
(A) warned
(B) advised
(C) suggested
(D) approved
3. Oxfam tries to send food to countries where people are suffering ________ malnutrition. 
(A) for
(B) by
(C) from
(D) of
4. If students are to understand the notice, the instructions must be ________ clearer. 
(A) wrote
(B) made
(C) got
(D) done
5. ________ you like what I want to do or not, you won't make me change my mind. 
(A) Whether
(B) When
(C) Because
(D) If
6. Doctors usually have to study for at least seven years before becoming fully ________. 
(A) tested
(B) qualified
(C) examined
(D) proved
7. The weather was warm and pleasant with ________ a gentle wind to cool us down. 
(A) but
(B) just
(C) almost
(D) nearly
8. I wish you wouldn't ________ your clothes all over the floor. 
(A) stray
(B) sprawl
(C) scatter
(D) straggle
9. ________ he had no money for a bus, he had to walk all the way home. 
(A) For
(B) Thus
(C) So
(D) As
10. He didn't want to make up his mind until he had heard Pamela's ________ of the story. 
(A) side
(B) angle
(C) aspect
(D) edge
11. It is strange that Lucy is as ________ as her mother is beautiful. 
(A) dull
(B) plain
(C) humble
(D) raw
12. Since the accident he has walked with a ________. 
(A) slope
(B) limp
(C) lame
(D) strain
13. We flew to the island, then ________ a car for three days and visited most places of interest. 
(A) lent
(B) bought
(C) hired
(D) charged
14. In America, surgeons have given a man a(n) ________ heart. 
(A) unreal
(B) false
(C) pretend
(D) artificial
15. The examiners had to ________ half the candidates. 
(A) fire
(B) fail
(C) foil
(D) fall
16. The company made a record ________ last year. 
(A) benefit
(B) earn
(C) profit
(D) wage
17. We must economize ________ fuel. 
(A) with
(B) from
(C) on
(D) in
18. When he finally understood what she was saying, everything ________. 
(A) fell into place
(B) fell in place
(C) fell into the place
(D) fell off the place
19. I had to give a full ________ of my camera when I reported it stolen. 
(A) account
(B) detail
(C) information
(D) description
20. Jim's version of the facts doesn't ________ with the version I heard from Jules. 
(A) argue
(B) amount
(C) accord
(D) arrive
English testing level C - Exam 7
1. - Grace: I wish your parents invite us for holiday. - Monty: They can't. They have ________ to accommodate us and the children too. 
(A) such a small house
(B) a too small house
(C) very small a house
(D) too small a house
2. When they had ________ the new carpet, the workmen went back to the office. 
(A) laid
(B) lain
(C) lied
(D) been lying
3. It will ________ be Christmas. 
(A) soon
(B) fast
(C) quick
(D) next
4. Do be careful not to ________ your coffee on this white rug, Bill. 
(A) drip
(B) spill
(C) filter
(D) leak
5. She had to leave her family ________ when she went abroad to work. 
(A) at a loss
(B) behind
(C) out
(D) at all costs
6. Metal ________ at high temperatures. 
(A) grows
(B) increases
(C) enlarges
(D) expands
7. Because of the poor harvest, wheat prices have ________ in the last six months. 
(A) grown up
(B) gone up
(C) jumped up
(D) sprung up
8. I'm ________ worried about Jane; she always seems to be tired. 
(A) as
(B) so
(C) such
(D) too
9. I have difficulty ________ without glasses these days. 
(A) to read
(B) in reading
(C) read
(D) of reading
10. Our guest of honour arrived rather late. The party was already ________. 
(A) in full swing
(B) at full tilt
(C) in full bloom
(D) to the full
11. My brother plays his records ________ in his room at night, and nobody can get enough sleep. 
(A) at full tilt
(B) in full swing
(C) at full blast
(D) in full cry
12. It's most unwise to ________ in a quarrel between a man and his wife. 
(A) involve
(B) poke
(C) mix
(D) interfere
13. I will ________ the idea with the other teachers and see what they think about it. 
(A) explain
(B) argue
(C) discuss
(D) talk
14. The farmer was very angry ________ the dogs chasing his sheep. 
(A) for
(B) with
(C) because
(D) about
15. I think he's quite honest ________ his intentions. 
(A) about
(B) with
(C) in
(D) on
16. Dick will be waiting ________ them at the entrance door. 
(A) for
(B) on
(C) to
(D) at
17. It's no use complaining ________ the cold. 
(A) on
(B) in
(C) from
(D) of
18. Furniture manufacturers are now ________ of the latest credit restrictions. 
(A) feeling the pinch
(B) smelling the rat
(C) cooking the books
(D) feeling the smell
19. Jazz is an American art form which is now ________ in Europe through the determined efforts of ________ in France, Scandinavia, and Germany. 
(A) foundering...governments
(B) diminishing...musicians
(C) waning...novices
(D) flourishing...expatriates
20. She was ________ disappointed when she learned that she had not got the job. 
(A) gravely
(B) fully
(C) highly
(D) bitterly
English testing level C - Exam 8
They have ________ the old castle and it is now a luxury hotel. 
(A) transformed
(B) undone
(C) remade
(D) constructed
2. I ________ so much last night: I feel terrible. 
(A) shouldn't have eaten
(B) mustn't have eaten
(C) needn't have eaten
(D) didn't have to eat
3. He stole one of the officers' uniforms and managed to escape by passing himself ________ as a guard. 
(A) by
(B) out
(C) through
(D) off
4. ________ we set off in the next few minutes, we'll be there in time. 
(A) Provided
(B) Supposing
(C) In case
(D) So long
5. If he drinks any more beer, I don't think he'll be ________ to play this afternoon. 
(A) skilled
(B) capable
(C) possible
(D) fit
6. My employer's ________ of my work does not matter to me at all. 
(A) meaning
(B) belief
(C) opinion
(D) expression
7. The recent ________ violence is worrying the police. 
(A) increase with
(B) increase of
(C) increase in
(D) increase about
8. We're in good time; there's ________ to hurry. 
(A) unnecessary
(B) no purpose
(C) no need
(D) impossible
9. The police ________ the kidnapper from escaping by blocking all exits. 
(A) prevented
(B) encouraged
(C) allowed
(D) avoided
10. This meat isn't suitable ________. 
(A) the grill
(B) to grilling
(C) for grilling
(D) being grilled
11. A railway bridge is already ________ over the river. 
(A) been erected
(B) erecting
(C) in construction
(D) being built
12. The pictures is ________; the thief will be most disappointed when he tries to sell it! 
(A) priceless
(B) invalid
(C) unprofitable
(D) worthless
13. Even though he is thirty-five, he lives ________ his mother and is completely dependent on her. 
(A) at
(B) by
(C) on
(D) from
14. It should be obvious ________ you that if you persist in bothering him, he will get angry with you. 
(A) for
(B) to
(C) at
(D) on
15. He often forgets to do what he has been told and is scolded for being ________. 
(A) disobedient
(B) rebellious
(C) impertinent
(D) malicious
16. The room is quite hot. The oil heater gives ________. 
(A) out a good heat
(B) off a good heat
(C) out good heat
(D) off good heat
17. In the middle of our trip we stopped ________ a rest on the river bank. 
(A) have
(B) had
(C) having
(D) to have
18. The judge, after ruling that the article had unjustly ________ the reputation of the architect, ordered the magazine to ________ its libelous statements in print. 
(A) praised...communicate
(B) injured...retract
(C) sullied...publicize
(D) damaged...disseminate
19. When he heard the news he went completely ________. 
(A) roof
(B) fuse
(C) spare
(D) thunder
20. I won't ________ those children making a noise in my house! 
(A) allow
(B) have
(C) let
(D) permit

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