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101. Nelson Employment Agency is looking for an _______ administrative secretary to manage a busy legal office specializing in employment law.

(a) experience

(b) experimental

(c) experienced

(d) experiencing


102. Because the vote on the budget has been _______, I need the cost estimates from the Housekeeping Department today.

(a) pushed up

(b) phased out

(c) pushed back

(d) pulled out


103. The meeting room in the Johnson hotel features state-of-the-art _______ not offered at any other downtown conference facility.

(a) technological

(b) technologically

(c) technology

(d) technical


104. Applicants for the front clerk position are _______ to go down to the Personnel Department on the first floor and speak with Ms. Jameson.

(a) supposed

(b) suppose

(c) supposedly

(d) supposing


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 letter and improve your services.
Richard Bachman
181. What is the purpose of Mr. Bachman's letter? 
(a) To resolve a dispute about his Internet service bill
(b) To terminate his relationship with the provider
(c) To complain about his recent software purchase
(d) To request a better Internet service plan.
182. According to his letter, why did Mr. Bachman call Cyberworld?
(a) To inquire about pricing plans
(b) To complain about a rude employee
(c) To speak to the company president
(d) To report connectivity problems.
183. What does Mr. Tollofson explain in his letter?
(a) Staff members have been forced to work overtime
(b) Training sessions have been scheduled for employees
(c) Computer failure caused Mr. Bachman's website issues
(d) Almost all of the computers had to be repaired.
184. Which of the following is true of John Redman?
(a) He was trained extensively in customer service procedures.
(b) He was reprimanded by his immediate supervisor for his behavior.
(c) He was fired as a result of acting rudely to a customer.
(d) He no longer works for Cyberworld due to financial issues.
185. What repercussion did John Redman face?
(a) His personal account was cancelled.
(b) His employee Internet service was disconnected.
(c) He was relieved of his position.
(d) He was severely reprimanded.
Seeking Staffing Coordinator
Martin Owens Agency is accepting applications for a staffing coordinator. We are the premier temporary staffing agency in the city of Burbank, and we are looking for a bright, motivated individual to join our team. The staffing coordinator is the main point of contact for our employees and business clients. Duties include testing and screening new employees, matching workers with appropriate jobs, notifying employees of job requirements, and contacting clients to assure that performance standards are being met. The successful candidate must be able to handle multiple tasks with ease. Other essential requirements include being well organized, highly dependable and people-oriented.
We offer an excellent benefits package, including health and dental insurance, a retirement plan, three weeks of paid vacation, and excellent pay plus commission and bonuses. We offer a relaxed, fun-loving work environment and a meaningful opportunity to help others advance their careers. We are a family-friendly employer, and some telecommuting is possible depending on staffing needs and workload.
To apply, send a cover letter detailing your qualifications for this position and your salary requirements, a resume, and the names, phone numbers and email addresses of four professional references to:
Martin Owens Agency
8463 Victory Boulevard
Burbank, CA 94632
Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. For best consideration, apply no later than September 25. Visit our website at www.martinowens.com for more information.
186. What kind of company is Martin Owens Agency? 
(a) A performing arts organization
(b) An employment company
(c) An Internet service provider
(d) An accounting agency.
187. Where did the job posting appear?
(a) On a bulletin board
(b) On the Internet
(c) In the newspaper
(d) In a trade journal.
188. What information is NOT required as part of the job application?
(a) Education level
(b) Income desired
(c) Work experience
(d) Professional contacts.
189. What is Cindy Laughlin's level of experience?
(a) She's just graduated from college.
(b) She's been working in the field for years.
(c) She has years of volunteer experience.
(d) She's working her way through college.
190. What job requirement does Ms. Laughlin's volunteer experience meet?
(a) Shows track record of dependability
(b) Demonstrates strong interpersonal skills
(c) Displays effective organizational experience
(d) Proves ability to multi-task.
To: Lisa Derby
From: Annette Shiffler
Subject: Mr. Martin's Retirement Party
Hi Lisa,
Thanks for forwarding me the email about Mr. Martin's retirement party; for some reason I didn't get it when you sent it out originally. I'm writing to confirm that I will definitely be attending the party. Also, as we discussed, I'd like to help out with the planning and organization for the party. I've worked with Mr. Martin for nearly ten years, and he's been the best boss I've ever had. I really want to make this a special event for him!
First of all, is this going to be a potluck, or will we be ordering a catered meal? I'd like to help out either way. If it's a potluck, I'd be happy to bring a dish to share. If we're going to hire a caterer, I can suggest several because I often arrange catering for our training sessions. I even have menus from several different catering businesses if you'd like to take a look at them.
Next, how about decorations for the party? I've actually got some nice banners at home that say “Congratulations on Your Retirement!” I originally used them for my uncle's retirement party last year. Would you like me to bring those and hang them up in the room? What other decorations are planned? How about some nice centerpieces for the tables, such as flower arrangements?
Finally, if there's any other way I can help out that I haven't mentioned above, just let me know. I'd really like to get involved in this and do something nice for Mr. Martin. Thanks for organizing the party!
191. What is being discussed in the email correspondence?
(a) Food and decorations for a holiday party
(b) Scheduling for a committee meeting
(c) A party for someone leaving the company
(d) Menus for a training session.
192. Why did Annette receive the announcement as a forwarded email?
(a) She was out of the office for a few days
(b) She wasn't on the company email list
(c) Lisa didn't type her email address correctly
(d) Lisa didn't think she would be interested.
193. Which of the following does Annette offer to do? 
(a) Schedule a trip for Mr. Martin
(b) Fax Lisa some catering menus
(c) Decorate a cake for Mr. Martin
(d) Bring some party supplies from home
194. Which of Annette's ideas does Lisa NOT like?
(a) Placing candles on the tables
(b) Putting floral arrangements on the tables
(c) Arranging to have the food catered
(d) Having someone else arrange for the party decorations.
195. What will the women probably do next?
(a) Talk on the phone to arrange a planning session
(b) Communicate ideas using email
(c) Tell Mr. Martin what they want to do
(d) Ask co-workers to bring food for the party.
To: All Employees
From: Bill Regan, Director of Human Resources
Subject: New Holiday Pay Policy
Johnson Security is implementing a new holiday policy for all employees. As you know, providing security services to our clients is our priority here at Johnson Security, and therefore most of our employees have to work on national holidays. Our policy in the past has been to pay employees their regular pay rate on holidays, and then to offer them another day off in compensation, scheduled in coordination with the employee's supervisor according to staffing needs. However, in order to comply with government regulations and to provide a more equitable holiday benefit for all of our employees, the policy will now be changed as follows.
Effective immediately, employees who work on holidays will be paid one and a half times their regular pay rate. This means that if you normally receive $8 per hour, you will be paid $12 per hour when you work on a holiday. However, as a result of this change, an additional day off will no longer be granted. For example, if you are required to work on New Year's Day, you will receive extra pay, but you will not be able to take off another day during the week, unless you arrange with your supervisor to use some of your vacation hours. This change will make it much more convenient for us to administer work schedules. All employees will continue to receive two weeks of paid vacation per year, exclusive of holidays, as explained in the employee manual.
We hope you will be pleased with the extra financial benefit you will receive for working holidays. If you have any questions or concerns about this new policy, feel free to contact me to arrange a meeting.
196. Who is the author of the memorandum?
(a) An expert in labor law
(b) The company vice president
(c) The head of the union
(d) The head of personnel.
197. What will employees receive in compensation for working holidays?
(a) More vacation time
(b) A higher rate of pay
(c) An extra day off
(d) A special award.
198. Why is Mr. Sanchez upset?
(a) He thinks the previous policy was unsatisfactory as well.
(b) He feels the change decreases employee days off.
(c) He feels the rate of pay should be even higher.
(d) He thinks his supervisor will not follow the policy.
199. What does Mr. Sanchez suggest?
(a) Giving employees more choices
(b) Returning to the previous policy
(c) Making holiday work optional
(d) Giving employees more money.
200. What will Mr. Sanchez probably do next?
(a) Pursue legal action
(b) Contact a labor rights lawyer
(c) Have a meeting with Mr. Regan
(d) Call a meeting for all employees.
101. C
102. A
103. C
104. A
105. D
106. D
107. A
108. B
109. C
110. A
111. A
112. C
113. C
114. B
115. B
116. B
117. B
118. A
119. A
120. A
121. D
122. B
123. B
124. A
125. D
126. D
127. B
128. B
129. D
130. C
131. B
132. A
133. B
134. D
135. B
136. A
137. A
138. C
139. B
140. B
141. B
142. D
143. B
144. B
145. B
146. C
147. B
148. B
149. D
150. A
151. D
152. C
153. C
154. B
155. B
156. C
157. C
158. B
159. C
160. C
161. C
162. B
163. D
164. C
165. B
166. A
167. D
168. B
169. D
170. A
171. B
172. D
173. A
174. B
175. D
176. B
177. C
178. A
179. B
180. D
181. B
182. D
183. C
184. C
185. C
186. B
187. C
188. A
189. A
190. B
191. C
192. B
193. D
194. B
195. A
196. D
197. B
198. B
199. A
200. C

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