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101. The unexpected, sharp drop in profits during the second quarter was a big _______ to the members of the corporation's executive committee.

(a) disappoints

(b) disappointing

(c) disappointed

(d) disappointment


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will NOT be offered at the event?
(a) A complimentary dinner
(b) A live musical performance
(c) Free on-site babysitting
(d) An awards ceremony.
180. What would an employee who wanted to attend the party most likely do next?
(a) Get a ticket in the marketing office
(b) Contact the event organizer
(c) Vote for the Employee of the Year
(d) Adjust work schedule
Sports Gear Inc.
The Journey Begins Here
Client Account# 456780
Web Order#: 1088890 
Date Ordered: February 04
Dear Alexander Stavros,
Thank you for shopping with Sports Gear. We have received your order, and it is being processed. Please check the details of your order below.
Bill to:
Alexander Stavros
Mt. Alto, CO 64638
(Full address hidden for privacy.)
Item Description Item # Quantity Price Status
Windblock Gloves 6045BLXJ 1 $35.99 Pending
Merchandise Subtotal: $35.99
Shipping Charge: $8.50
Tax: $2.36
Total: $46.85
We will continue to update you on the status of your order via email as items are shipped. In the meantime, you can always review the status of your order by logging onto our website using your username (same as your email address) and password.
If you ordered multiple items, some items may be shipped separately with additional shipping charges. If you have any questions about your order, please contact our service team via email at customerservice@sportsgear.com. Please include your original Web order number in the subject line or we will not be able to access your account records.
Thank you for your order, and enjoy your gear.
181. Why is Mr. Stavros writing the email?
(a) To alert the company to a mistake in his order
(b) To thank the company for their great service
(c) To ask about the status of his glove order
(d) To ask that his money be returned.
182. What information does Mr. Stavros need to email the service team?
(a) Username
(b) Date ordered
(c) Client account number
(d) Original order number.
183. What will the company most likely do next? 
(a) Process the payment for tax and shipping
(b) Stop the order and credit his bank account
(c) Send an email updating him with the status of his order
(d) Ship the gloves with a corrected bill.
184. How much does the company owe Mr. Stavros? 
(a) $2.36
(b) $8.50
(c) $35.99
(d) $46.85
185. What does Mr. Stavros most likely think about the company? 
(a) He is disappointed about the quality of their products.
(b) He is dissatisfied with the improper fit of his gloves.
(c) He is unhappy with the company's high prices.
(d) He is unconvinced that they are as good as people say.
Jackie Nguyen, President
Shaker Publishing
812 Hatter Avenue
Billingham, MO 56088
Dear Jackie,
After much thought, I have decided to accept an editorial position with Blinker's Publishing. Therefore, I would like to tender my formal resignation from my current position as Executive Administrative Assistant. My last day of work will be Friday, September 1.
I have enjoyed being part of your team, and I appreciate the opportunities that have been provided to me during my time with this company. I want to thank you personally for all that you have taught me. By demonstrating what it takes to be successful in this industry, you have become a valued role model to me over the years. I have benefited greatly from my experience in your office, and I know when I leave here, I will greatly miss your wisdom and guidance.
If I can be of any assistance during this transition, please let me know. I would be glad to help however I can. 
Maura Lispector
186. Why did Ms. Lispector write to Ms. Nguyen?
(a) To help her find a new administrative assistant
(b) To request a letter of recommendation
(c) To let her know that she was leaving the company
(d) To ask for details about an upcoming project.
187. What did Ms. Nguyen NOT offer Ms. Lispector?
(a) A significant pay raise
(b) A document recommending Ms. Nguyen
(c) A reference for future employers
(d) A present to express appreciation.
188. Why does Ms. Nguyen want to meet with Ms. Lispector?
(a) To give her the dinner gift certificate personally
(b) To schedule her farewell dinner at the restaurant
(c) To discuss what needs to be done before she leaves
(d) To offer guidance about her new position.
189. How does Ms. Lispector most likely feel about Ms. Nguyen?
(a) She thinks Ms. Nguyen is hard to work with.
(b) She wishes Ms. Nguyen had taught her more.
(c) She thinks Ms. Nguyen is a good mentor.
(d) She feels that Ms. Nguyen will make a good editor.
190. What is Ms. Nguyen's position at the company?
(a) Editor
(b) Team Leader
(c) Executive Administrative Assistant
(d) President.
Marcus Maes
Farmer, Maes and Associates
7342 Chestnut Ave
St. Charles, Missouri 63318
Dear Mr. Maes, 
I have enclosed the first draft from the graphic designer for your business sign. I adjusted the height as you requested and fixed the misspelling in the first line. I apologize for the mistakes and hope that this draft meets your approval. Please review the designer's draft, and notify me via fax about any other changes you would like for us to make. We will not begin the actual construction of the sign without your final approval of the design. Also, please remember that based on our original contract, the cost of the sign is due in full by the 10thof the month in order to secure the rate we originally quoted you for the sign. 
Lori Belani
Quick Signs, Inc.
P.O. Box 563
St. Charles, Missouri 63301
Business Fax: (636) 323-3534
Enclosure(s) as stated
191. Why is Mr. Maes sending a fax to Ms. Balani?
(a) To try to get final approval for the design
(b) To voice his dissatisfaction with the company
(c) To request additional changes for the sign
(d) To complain about Mr. Farmer's comments.
192. What is most likely Mr. Maes' position?
(a) Graphic designer
(b) Accountant
(c) Accounting associate
(d) Sign company owner.
193. Which is NOT an adjustment requested by Farmer, Maes and Associates? 
(a) The use of the same type on the sign
(b) The correction of a misspelled name
(c) The alteration in the spacing of the second line
(d) The placement correction of one of the words
194. What is the original quoted rate of the sign?
(a) Two hundred-fifty dollars
(b) Three hundred-fifty dollars
(c) Five hundred dollars
(d) Two thousand three hundred ninety-five dollars.
195. In her letter, what does Ms. Balani ask Mr. Maes to do?
(a) To fax her a revised copy of the draft
(b) To ask Mr. Farmer to give final approval for the design
(c) To look over the draft and fax her any comments
(d) To begin the construction of the sign if they approve.
From: Rielle Navitski To: Management listserv
Subject: Last minute meeting Cc: 
Attachments: Meeting Agenda.doc (50 KB)
Dear Managers,
In light of last week's negative survey results, I am calling an emergency meeting to discuss our new plan of action and options for turning public opinion around before the market reports are due to the investors. I've attached the agenda for the meeting and would like for everyone to review it so that we are all up to speed on the latest developments.
I understand that this notice is incredibly late, but I would appreciate it if everyone would make their best effort to attend. I want to convene in conference room B at 5 p.m. sharp and hope to be done by 7:30 p.m. If you know you won't be able to attend, please let me know as soon as possible, so I can catch up with you before the end of the day and run through some topics quickly.
I'm sorry that this will affect everyone's dinner plans, but I will order dinner for all attending and have it delivered during the meeting. Hope to see everyone there.
Rielle Navitski
196. Why did Ms. Navitski call the emergency meeting?
(a) To discuss how to present the poll results to the investors
(b) To talk about how the poll results will change their plans
(c) To plan the next round of public opinion polls
(d) To advise the management of ideas for marketing.
197. Why does Ms. Navitski want to be informed if someone can't attend the meeting?
(a) She wants to talk to the person before the meeting
(b) She wants to order enough food for the function
(c) She wants to tell the investors about who was there
(d) She wants to send the person a copy of the agenda.
198. Why can't Mr. McDonald go to the emergency meeting?
(a) He is stuck in rush hour traffic
(b) He has a prior business commitment
(c) He doesn't agree with Ms. Navitski's plan
(d) He wants to talk to the investors first.
199. What will Mr. McDonald most likely do the following day?
(a) Attempt to pacify the investors
(b) Contact the poll-takers
(c) Ask for a recap of the meeting
(d) Write a memo about the outcome.
200. How long before the meeting will Mr. McDonald leave the office?
(a) fifteen minutes
(b) a half an hour
(c) an hour
(d) an hour and a half
101. D
102. B
103. C
104. C
105. B
106. C
107. D
108. C
109. B
110. C
111. A
112. A
113. C
114. B
115. D
116. A
117. C
118. B
119. D
120. C
121. C
122. C
123. C
124. A
125. C
126. A
127. C
128. B
129. B
130. C
131. D
132. B
133. D
134. C
135. B
136. D
137. A
138. C
139. B
140. C
141. C
142. B
143. C
144. C
145. B
146. D
147. B
148. D
149. A
150. C
151. D
152. A
153. B
154. A
155. A
156. D
157. B
158. A
159. D
160. C
161. C
162. C
163. D
164. D
165. C
166. C
167. B
168. D
169. A
170. D
171. C
172. A
173. D
174. C
175. A
176. D
177. A
178. A
179. C
180. B
181. D
182. D
183. B
184. C
185. D
186. C
187. A
188. C
189. C
190. D
191. C
192. B
193. B
194. C
195. C
196. B
197. A
198. B
199. C
200. B

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