Bài tập học kỳ I môn Anh Văn lớp 7

I.Write the correct word in each blank to complete the following conversations:

1. Mai : Hello, Minh. How __________ you?

Minh : I’m________, thank you. And _______ ?

Mai : I’m very__________, thanks.

2. Lan : Hello. _____________name is Lan. What’s _________ name?

Nam : Hello. Lan, My name’s Nam. Nice to ______ you. Are you a new student?

Lan : Yes, __________ in class 7A1.

Nam : Oh, ____________ am I .

II.Write the sentences:

 1. my hosue / small / her house

-> My house is smaller than her house.

2. Lan / tall / Hoa.

-> _________________________________________________________________

3. This book / thick / that book.

-> _________________________________________________________________

4. The chair / short / the table.

-> _________________________________________________________________

5. These boxes / big / those boxes.

-> _________________________________________________________________

6. Miss. Trang / young / her sister.

-> _________________________________________________________________

7. These buildings / high / those buildings.

-> _________________________________________________________________

8. The boys / strong / the girls.

-> _________________________________________________________________

9. I / old / my brother.


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y and those are our books. These racks in the middle have magazines and newspapers. These shelves on the left have math and science books; chemistry, physics and biology. Those shelves on the right have history and geography books, dictionaries and literature in Vietnamese. Those books at the back of library are in English. There are readers, novels, reference books and dictionaries. And the next room is the video room.
_____ On the shelves on the left are magazines and newspapers.
_____ Chemistry books and physics ones are the same shelves.
_____ Vietnamese dictionaries are on the shelves on the right.
_____ At the back of the library are readers, novels, reference books.
_____ The video room is far from the library.
VII. Choose the best answers:
1.There are two bookstores ______ Nguyen Trai Street.
a. at	b. in	c. on
2. ________ there a post office near here?
a. Is	b. Are 	c. Does
3. Could you tell me how _______ to Ben Thanh market?
a. getting	b. get	c. to get
4. The souvenir shop is _______ the book store and the hotel.
a. opposite	b. between	c. next to
5. How ______ is it from Ha Noi to Ho Chi Minh City? – About 1,700 kilometers.
a. far	b. long	c. much
6. I’d like _______ this letter to Ha Noi?
a. to send	b. sending	c. send
7. It _______ about two hours to get there.
a. gets	b. has	c. takes
8. How ______ does it take to get to Ha Noi by coach ? – About 18 hours.
a. far	b. long	c. much
9. Excuse me. Is there a post office _____ here?
a. near	b. on	c. in
10. _______ you tell me the way to the railway station?
a. do	b. could	c. are
11. I need _______ envelopes and stamps.
a. some	b. any	c. a lot
12. I need to buy a phone _______ .
a. call	b. card	c. stamp
13. She needs some ______ stamps to send the letters aboard.
a. local	b. special	c. overseas
14. He phones his parents _____ a week.
a. twice	b. two times	c. one time
15. The filling station is ________ of my school.
a. between	b. in front	c. beside
16. The bookstore is ______ to my shoe store.
a. near	b. beside	c. next
17. Those stamps _____ 5.000 dong.
a. cost	b. costs	c. is
18. Her book and pen cost 10.000 dong. She gives the clerk 20.000 dong.
How much _______ does she receive?
a. money	b. change	c. dong
19. Excuse me. I ______ like to send this letter to the USA.
a. am	b. can	c. would
20. Could you tell me how______ there ? 	
a. to get 	b. get 	c. getting .
21. – thanks a lot. 
- __________
a. You’re welcome 	 b. Don’t mention it 	c. a & b. 
22. Where is the bookstore ?- The bookstore is ________ the bank. 
a. next to	 b. opposite to 	c. between. 
23. _______ is it from Hue to Nha Trang ? 
a. How many 	b. How far 	c. how about. 
24. I ______ send a letter t France, please . 
a. would like 	b. like 	c. would like to. 
25. a. Here is your change 	b. Here your change is 	c. Here your change. 
26. Which question is correct? 
a. How many is it ?	 b. How much is it ? 	c. How much it is? 
27. My house is _______ the bookshop. 
a. next 	b. front of 	c. opposite. 
28. – You want to buy a pair of shoes . 
- Go to the __________. 
a. post office 	 b. shoe shop 	c. chemist’s. 
29. I’d like to send this letter ______ Australia. 
a. to 	 b. for 	 c. on 
30. What’s _______ the left next _________ the restaurant? 
a. to- to 	b. for- to 	c. on – to. 
31. Mrs. Robinson buys a packet of envelopes ______ 2,500 dongs. 
a. at 	b. of 	 c . about . 
32. Which sentence is correct? 
a. I need a fifteen thousand dong phone card . 
b. I need a fifty – thousand- don phone card. 
c. I need a fifty- thousand-dong phone card. 
33 .Jane needs a phone card ______ her parents at weekend. 
a. call 	b. to call 	 c. calling. 
 34. _______ there a post office near here ? 
a. Is 	b. Are 	c. Does . 
35. How much is that altogether? -________________. 
a. That is thirty thousand dong. 
b. It’s thirty thousands dong. 
c. That are thirty thousand dong. 
36. Go ________ ahead . The souvenir shop is on the right, opposite the post office. 
a. right 	 b. straight 	c. left. 
37. I would like ________ some paper. 
a. buy 	 b. to buy 	c. buying 
38. She _______ to buy some envelopes . 
a. need 	b. needs 	 c. would. 
39. Take the second street ________ the left . 
a. in 	 b. at 	c. on 
40. How far is ____________from your house to the bakery? 
a. there 	 b. it 	 c. that. 
41. The supermarket is ________ you. 
a. near 	b. in front of 	c. opposite. 
42. How much does a letter to American _________? 
a. is 	b. are 	c. cost 
43. I would like ___________ a letter to Hanoi . 
a. send 	b. to send 	 c. sending 
44. Could you tell how _________there ?
a. get 	 b. to get 	c. getting . 
45. There is a souvenir shop ________ Tran Phu street. 
a. on 	 b. at	c. from. 
46. The bank is ______. the restaurant and the hotel. 
a. opposite 	 b. between. 	c. right. 
47. I need _______ a phone card. 
a. buy 	b. to buy 	 c. buying. 
48. How ________do you write to each other? 
a. much 	 b. many 	c. often . 
49. If a paper costs 60p and you pay with a pound coin, you will get 40p _______ 
a. money 	b. change 	c. price. 
50. How _______ is the pen? 
a. many 	b. a lot 	 c. much 
51. She has ________money than me. 
a. less 	b. fewer 	c. much 
5: We ....................... the New Year on January 1. 
A. buy	B. get	C. give	D. celebrate
53: Vietnamese people usually ............. time with their families on Tet holidays.
A. take	B. get	C. spend	D. have
5: I am usually ............................ for school.
A. lazy	B. be early	C. early	D. be late
55: I am pleased that you and your family .......................... well.
A. is	B. are	C. am	D. be
5: My Mom works part. ....................... at a supermarket.
A. hour	B. minute	C. day	D. time
5: Nam only works a ............................ hours a day.
A. many	B. much	C. little	D. few
5: Do Vietnamese students have more or .......... vacations than American ones?
A. many	B. fewer	C. little	D. much	
59: Students always have to review their lessons ........................... tests.
A. before	B. after	C. at	D. when
60 How ......................... is a letter to America? . Five US dollars.
A. many	B. often	C. much money	D. much
61: Our ...................... vacation is in the Summer.
A. long	B. longest 	C. very long	D. more long
I. Listen. Then choose the best answers:
1. What does Nam want to do?
a. go to the movies	b. listen to music	c. do their homework
2. What is today?
a. Sunday	b. Monday	c. Saturday
3. Why doesn’t Hoa want to go to Lan’s house? – Because she ________. 
a. has too many assignments 	b. doesn’t like music	c. wants to go to the movies
4. When are they going to Lan’s house?
a. in the morning	B. in the afternoon	c. in the evening
II. Choose the best answers:
1. Mr. Long is a _______. He repairs machines in a factory.
a. worker	b. mechanic	c. farmer	d. nurse
2. New Year’s day is a _______ holiday in many countries.
a. popular	b. common	c. general	d. public
3. How do people ________ New Year in your country?
a. make	b. celebrate	c. hold	d. have
4. The first month of a year is __________.
a. January	b. March	c. April	d. May
5. What’s your place ______ birth, Nam?
a. of	b. in	c. to	d. for
6. I’ll wait _____ you outside the stadium.
a. at	b. for	c. in	d. of
7. All students enjoy _______ on the weekend.
a. to camp	b. camping	c. camps	d. camping
8. We can listen to some _______. 
a. relax	b. music	c. television	d. exercise
9. I am ______ my math homework.
a. do	b. doing	c. does	d. to do
10. English books are __________ the back of the library.
a. at	b. on	c. in	d. for
11. Lan has a letter ______ her friend.
a. of	b. from	c. to	d. down
12. Are there ______ lamps on the wall?
a. any	b. a	c. an	d. some
III. Supply the correct tense or form of the verbs in brackets:
The teacher (talk) _________ to us at the moment.
She (study) _________ maps in Geography.
We (visit)_____ Ha Long Bay next year.
What _____ you ______ (do) now?
What ______ your father usually (do) ________ in the evening?
We (not/go)________ to the movies very often.
I’d like (buy)_______ some stamps for overseas mail.
Where ______ they _______ (spend) their summer vacation next year?
My mother (go) _______ to the Youth club every weekend.
 Students in the USA _____ usually ______(not/wear) ______ uniform.
They (practice) ______ their music lesson at the moment.
 Nga is very good at (draw) _______ pictures.
IV. Match:
What do students do in the library?
What books are on the left?
How far is it from here to school?
How often do you play soccer?
English and History books.
Three kilometers
Every afternoon.
They read books.
V. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words:
on / are / question / hear / an / they
“Do you like sports?” You can hear this (1)________ very often. Many answers “Yes, I do”. And (2)______ think about watching a game of football at a stadium, or (3)_________ TV while sitting in a comfortable chair. But watching sports events and going in for sports (4)_______ two different things. Let’s hope that you prefer the second.
Sport holds (5)_____ important in our life. When you listen to the radio early in the morning, you can always (6)_____ sports news.
VI. Read the passage and write (T) if the statement is correct, and write (F) if the statement is not correct:
Do you know how to choose healthy food?
You need to eat a lot of grains, like rice and bread everyday. You also need to eat a lot of vegetables, like carrots and spinach. Fruits like apples, bananas and orange are good for you, too. You need to eat some protein everyday. There is protein in milk, cheese, fish and eggs. You don’t need to eat a lot of fat and sugar.
_____ You need to eat a lot rice and bread.
_____ There is protein in fish.
_____ Bananas are vegetables.
_____ Vegetables are not good for you.
_____ Fruits are also good for your health.
_____ Eating a lot of sugar is good for your health. 

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