500 câu trắc nghiệm Anh 9

1. Vietnamese women prefer to wear modern clothing on work. A. Right B. Wrong

 2. The Ao dai is the traditional dress of Vietnamese women. A. Right B. Wrong

 3. Wearing casual clothes makes students feels self-confident. A. Right B. Wrong

 4. In the 1970s jeans became cheaper, because many people began wearing jeans. A. Right B. Wrong

 5. In the 18th century jean cloth was made completely from cotton. A. Right B. Wrong

 6. Ben writes very quickly. He’s already finished his essay. A. Right B. Wrong

 7. The United States has a pollution of around 250 million. A. Right B. Wrong

 8. Vietnamese people are very friendly and hospitable. A. Right B. Wrong


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in à at
10. True	
11. True	
12. false	
will à would
13. false 
mobile à dormitory
14. True
15. false	
come à came
III. Combine each pair of sentences into one, using a relative clause. Some clauses need commas, some do not. (0, 1 x 15 = 1, 5 p)
1. This is a newspaper which I want to buy.
2. Have you ever spoken to the people who live next door?
3. It’s the boot which will interest children of all ages.
4. The Pikes, who live next door, keep having all-night parties.
5. Where are the eggs which are in the fridge?
6. People who take physical exercise live longer.
7. Have you got something which will get ink out of the carpet?
8. Tom and Peter, who were invited, didn’t come.
9. Paris is the city which I’ve always wanted to visit.
10. Mrs. White, who has been married for 4 years, has just had her second baby.
11. I bought a new typewriter which cost me a lot of money.
12. Tom, who is very intelligent, is one of my closest friends
13. That woman over there, who is walking with your father, is a singer.
14. I went to see a doctor who saved life of my son.
15. She looked up at the stars which were twinkling in the sky now.
IV. Fill in each gap with one suitable words: (0, 1 x 10 = 1 p)
1. Way	6. Consuming
2. Use	7. Virus
3. Entertainment	8. Users
4. Internet	9. Electronic
5. Means	10. So
Môn: Tiếng Anh 9
I. Multiple Choice: 
1. Ba go to Dalat in summer when he was young.
 	A. use to 	B. used to	C. is used to 	D. is used
2. He wishes he........ a pilot.
	A. were	B. is 	C. will be 	D. can be
3. HeEnglish for 4 years.
	A. learns	B. learnt	C. has learnt	D. will learn
4. Young people are fond of  Jeans.
	A. to wear	B. wearing	C. wore	D. worn
5. We will go . a picnic tomorrow.
	A. in	B. at	C. on	D. of
6. She sings very.
	A. beauty	B. beautiful 	C. beautify	D. beautifully
7. She asked me where I  from.
	A. come	B. came	C. to come	D. coming
8. He was born 15th January
	A. on	B. at	C. of 	D. in
9. If he free time, he will go swimming.
	A. has 	B. had	C. will have	D. is having
10. Could you please stop so much noise?
	A. make	B. making	C. made	D. to make
11. Peter plays soccer very well, he?
	A. does	B. did	C. doesn’t	D. didn’t
12. If the continues, what will happen?
	A. pollution	B. pollute	C. polluted	D. polluting
13. He is tired nowhe stayed up late watching TV.
	A. so	B. because	C. but	D. and
14. Be! He is looking at you.
	A. care	B. careful	C. carefully	D. carelessly
15.I suggest to the movies
	A. go 	B. to go 	C. going 	D. went
16. Remember to turn .. the lights before going to bed.
	A. of	B. off	C. on	D. up
17. Auld Lang Syne is a song. is sung on New Year’s Eve.
	A. which	B. who	C. whom 	D. whose
18. People take physical exercise can live longer.
	A. who 	B. whom	C. which	D. when
19. According to the weather .., it will be raining tonight.
	A. forecast	B. forecaster	C. forecasted	D. forecasting
20. Hue will have temperatures . 230C and 270C.
	A. at	B. between	C. in	D. with
21. Where would you go if you a car?
	A. have	B. has	C. had	D. having
22. The children laughed.. when they were watching a comic.
	A. happiness	B. happy	C. happily	D. unhappy.
23. There is too much traffic. ., the air is polluted.
	A. However	B. Since	C. Therefore	D. But
24. She goes to the library three times a week. She  reads books there.
	A. never	B. often	C. rarely	D. once
25. UFOs mean flying objects.
	A. unknown	B. unidentified	C. unable	D. unimaginary
26. If I .. a bird, I would be a dove.
	A. am 	B. is 	C. are 	D. were
27. The telephone was by Alexander Bell.
	A. invent	B. invented	C. to invent	D. inventing
28. I want..my English.
	A. to improve	B. improving	C. improved	D. improve
29. My grandparents have lived there. 1975.
	A. in 	B. on	C. since	D. for
30. Mai speaks English.. than you.
	A. more fluent	B. more fluently 	C. more fast	D. more faster
31. Mr. Lam suggested that we. tonight.
	A. worked late	B. working late	C. should work late	D. would work late
32. She is the most intelligent woman.. I’ve ever met.
	A. whom	B. who	C. whose	D. that
33. I recently went back to Paris,. I was born nearly 40 years ago.
	A. which	B. where	C. that	D. when
34. Mr. Jones is very rich. He .. work hard for a living.
	A. mustn’t	B. shouldn’t 	C. can’t	D. doesn’t have to
35. I have a pen pal in Singapore. We  each other at least once a month.
	A. comprise	B. divide	C. consist of 	D. correspond with
36. I usually  jeans and a T-shirt on the weekend.
	A. wear	B. get	C. take	D. put off
37. You needn’t do that when the maid is here,.?
	A. do you	B. need you 	C. is she 	D. isn’t she
38. I wish we . shopping here together.
	A. will go 	B. would go	C. go 	D. to go
39. He asked his son  back as soon as possible.
	A. comes	B. to come	C. came	D. coming
40. Many tourists enjoy festivals in Vietnam they don’t speak Vietnamese.
	A. although	B. when	C. if 	D. because
41. The animal which. chosen to be the logo of Sea Games 2003 is the buffalo.
	A. is 	B. are 	C. was	D. were
42. They said they saw a UFO the sky.
	A. above	B. in	C. on	D. at
43. It is Saturday today, ..?
	A. is it	B. isn’t it	C. it isn’t	D. wasn’t it
44. My son’s really afraid.. dogs.
	A. of	B. for	C. with	D. at
45. David.. an engineer for ten years.
	A. was	B. is	C. has been 	D. been
46. Would you liketo my party?
	A. to come	B. come	C. to coming	D. coming
47. Coal can .to produce electricity for human.
	A. have used	B. be used	C. use	D. used
48. That city.by the fire in the 17th century.
	A. is destroyed	B. was destroyed C. had been destroyed D. would be destroyed
49. The bus arrives late during bad weather.
	A. every week	B. later	C. yesterday	D. always
50. Last night I was watching TV  the bell rang.
	A. while	B. then 	C. and 	D. when
51. These students wish they.. visit Hue again.
	A. could 	B. shall	C. will	D. can
52. “Mary, do you like pop music?. He asked Mary.
	A. if she likes pop music	B. does she likes pop music
	C. she likes pop music	 	D. if she liked pop music
53. I’m looking forward to . from you.
	A. hear	B. heard	C. hearing 	D. be hear
54. A tropical storm is called a in Australia.
	A. hurricane	B. cyclone	C. typhoon	D. tornado
55. Vietnam is a country exports a lot of rice.
	A. that 	B. where	C. when 	D. which
56. Life in the city is different life in the country.
	A. to 	B. of 	C. from	D. with
57. He woke up late, . he didn’t have time for breakfast.
	A. if 	B. so	C. because	D. although
58. If my tooth doesn’t stop hurting, I’ll go and see my
	A. actor	B. writer	C. dentist	D. butcher
59. He will have a meeting ..7 am to 10 am
	A. at	B. from	C. in 	D. till
60. We must. this work on time.
	A. finish	B. to finish	C. finishing	D. to have finished
II. Match the words in column A with the meanings in column B:
	A	B
61. prefer
62. adult
63. communicate
64. violent
65. media
66. chatting
67. remote
68. teenager
70. purpose
71. respond
72. wonderful
73. UFO
74. turn off
75. Auld Lang Syne
a. give information
b. extremely good
c. the newspapers, television and radio
d. like better
e. Unidentified Flying Object
f. aim
g. grown up
h. great force in action and feeling
i. switch off
j. far away
k. young people at the teens
l. electronic mail
m. Good old day
n. talking to someone in a friendly way
o. answer
III. Fill in each gap with the suitable word:
 Although there(76) many celebrations throughout the year, Tet or the Lunar New Year (77) is the most (78) celebration for Vietnamese (79) Tet is a(80) which occurs in (81) January or early(82) .It is a time for families to clean (83) decorate their homes, and enjoy special food such as sticky rice cakes. Family(84) who live apart try to be together (85) Tet.
76  77  78  79  80  81  82  83  84  85 
IV. Decide whether the following statements are true or false:
	 True (T) False (F)
86. The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur.	...........	........ 
87. The word "Jeans" comes from a kind of material that was made in America.	...........	........ 
88. Ba and his family had a two days trip to their home village.	...........	........
89. In Vietnam, the “Kien Thuc Ngay Nay” is one of the most popular magazines.	...........	........
90. Mrs. Ha suggests to take showers to save water.	...........	........
91. English is a compulsory second language in Malaysia.	...........	........
92. North American and European countries are interested in saving money and 
	natural resources.	...........	........
93. Solar energy causes pollution and wastes natural resources.	...........	........
94. Tet is a festival which occurs in late January or early February.	...........	........
95. People use the Internet for many purposes: education, communication,	
 entertainment and commerce	...........	.........
96. The word "typhoon" comes from Japanese.	...........	.........
97. In Western countries, electricity, gas, and water are not luxuries but necessities	............	......... 
98. Passover is a festival which is celebrated in Israel and by all Jewish people.	...........	.........
99. A Tornado looks like a glass.	...........	.........
100. Typhoon, hurricane and tropical storm are different words for the same natural 
	disaster. 	...........	.........
I/ Mỗi câu chọn đúng được 0.25điểm
 1B	2A	3C	4B	5C	6D	7B	8A	9A 10B
	11C	12A	13B	14B	15C	16B	17A	18A	19A	20B	21C	22C	23C	24B	25B	26D	27B	28A	29C	30B
	31C	32 D	33B	34D	35D	36A	37B	38B	39B	40A	41C	42B	43B	44A	45C	46A	47B	48B	49D	50D	51A	52D	53C	54B	55D	56C	57B	58C	59B	60A 	
II/Mỗi câu ghép đúng được 0.25 điểm
	61d	62g	63a	64h	65c	66n	67j	68k	69l	70f	71o	72b	73e	74i	75m
III/ Mỗi chỗ điền đúng được 0.25 điểm
	(76) :are (77): holiday (78) : important (79 ) :people (80) :festival 
 (81): late (82): February (83): and (84) :members (85): at
IV/ Mỗi câu chọn đúng được 0.25 điểm
 86T	87F	88F	89T	90F	91T	92T	93F	94T	95T	96F	97T	98T	99F	100T

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