30 topic related vocabulary for ielts speaking part 3 + writing task 2


 Professional athletes train their mind to get rid of negative thoughts and

the fear of failure while at the same time they are able to maintain their


 Exercise helps people to have a sound mind and build up mental strength.

 It is not rare for athletes to have a bad day which affects their performance for

no obvious reasons. In days like that, there is a slim chance of doing well.

 Keeping their mind on the game requires immense powers of complete


 Peak performance is usually a combination of determination and motivation.

 In order to achieve a goal you should feel motivated and you should not

let distractions disturb your focus.

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physical problems? 
 Anorexia and obesity seem to be different sides of the main coin. Discuss. 
 People are obsessed with their weight and constant dieting. Can you suggest any 
solutions to this problem? 
The Elderly 
 Life expectancy is on the increase lately due to the medical breakthroughs 
that have extended 
 The fact that people are living longer has an impact on society for a number of 
 It is quite difficult for the elderly to rely only on welfare state and most of them 
are having a hard time to make ends meet. 
 It is completely illogical to expect people to work until they are 70 years old. 
 They still need to know that they can contribute to society and that they are 
still able to maintain their independence. 
 Some people live under residential care. 
 It is very difficult for those who are practically immobile to maintain their 
 One of the greatest fears of the elderly is the fear of being neglected not only by 
society but from their loved ones as well. 
 In what ways does the increase of life expectancy affect society? 
 How can society help the elderly not to feel neglected? 
Climate Change 
 As citizens, it is advisable to keep electricity consumption to the 
minimum and use energy efficient light bulbs. 
 It will make a significant difference if governments economise on the natural 
resources and take advantage of renewable energy that doesn’t run out 
 The destruction of forests increases at such an alarming rate that 
governments all over the world should consider a reforestation project as soon 
as possible. 
 Global warming has severe consequences; the climate change will cause the 
rise of sea level leading to hurricanes and floods. 
 Deforestation and acid rain have devastating consequences. 
 The emission of toxic gases, such as carbon dioxide, can damage the 
 Harmful acid rain is responsible for the contamination of food and 
water; thus, in this poisonous atmosphere people can never be sure for what they 
eat, drink, or even breathe. 
 There is the need of an environmentally sustainable plan that will not destroy 
natural resources and consequently people’s health. 
 Can you think of any ways the problem of climate change could be solved? 
 What are the consequences of climate change today? If nothing changes, what 
will the consequences be in the future? 
 Governments should take effective measures to eliminate the toxic fumes 
released into the atmosphere by the disposal of waste, especially plastic. 
 It will make a huge difference if all companies used biodegradable plastic for 
their products, as the disposal of regular plastic is a threat to the environment. 
 Governments should use the media in order to raise public awareness in 
relation to recycling. 
 Governments should create laws to combat the problem of the disposal of 
waste and ensure that people abide by these laws through regular inspections. 
 If governments don’t tackle this issue immediately, the consequences are going 
to be catastrophic in the long run. 
 It is imperative that the issue of waste is addressed so as to reduce the risk to 
people’s health due to potential health hazards. 
 What do you suggest as a solution regarding the disposal of electronic devices? 
 Nowadays, most people recycle their waste. Is this enough? What else could be 
Natural Resources 
 Trees play a vital role to people’s health and well-being; the sooner people 
realise that, the better. Not only do they provide oxygen and improve air 
quality but they also make the surroundings beautiful—to say the least. 
Hence, the only solution to the problem of deforestation is reforestation. 
 There is a tendency towards the overconsumption of the earth’s 
resources whereas governments should focus on ways to make the most of 
natural energies that don’t run out. 
 There is the opportunity to produce electricity naturally by converting the 
energy of the sun (solar energy into electricity). 
 Governments should take decisive action in order to tackle the problem 
of ecologically wasteful products; this toxic trend, which is the result of 
consumerism, will ultimately lead to an environmental disaster. 
 The energy wasted by the consumption of electricity is more than significant. In 
what ways can energy be conserved? 
 The earth’s resources are running out. What can be done about it? 
 In what ways does consumerism affect the environment? What could be done 
about it? 
 Society and governments seem to be indifferent to the problem of air 
pollution from the fumes of cars as well as the problem of traffic and 
noise they create. 
 Tougher measures should be introduced so as to address the problem 
of factories that dump their waste into the sea. 
 As long as people continue to destroy the animals’ natural habitat, even more 
species are going to be in danger of extinction. 
 Governments should impose fines on factories that produce highly toxic 
waste and on agriculturalists who don’t avoid pesticides on crops. 
 What are the consequences of pollution in the air, the sea, and the earth? 
 Noise pollution is a major problem especially in big cities. How does it affect 
people and what could be done about it? 
Food and Health 
 People should prefer crops and vegetables that are grown without synthetic 
 People should avoid eating meat that comes from animals which are treated 
with hormones or antibiotics. 
 Public awareness should be raised in relation to the products people consume; 
not all products meet certain requirements that make them environmentally 
 The contamination of food has destroyed its nutritional value; people need to 
look for healthier alternatives that are not chemically treated. 
 Water contamination is extremely dangerous for people’s health; it is 
imperative to find a solution to this hazard. 
 Why do more and more people resort to organic food today? 
 People today can eat everything they want regarding the numerous options they 
have, but they can’t eat anything at all regarding their health. Discuss. 
Nuclear Power 
 There is a lot of controversy around nuclear power; nuclear power is an 
extremely efficient source of energy for sure, but failure to abide by the 
safety procedures will result in an accident and the impact not only on the 
local environment but also on people’s health would be catastrophic. 
 People should reduce their dependency on this kind of energy source and find 
alternative ways to replace it because a potential accident can have disastrous 
 A unique advantage of nuclear power is that it is one of the 
most environmentally friendly sources of energy as it produces 
fewer greenhouse gas emissions in comparison to traditional sources like coal 
 There is a rising demand for nuclear power plants because as the worldwide 
energy consumption is growing, the emissions of greenhouse gases are rising; 
thus, people need a more environmentally friendly energy than coal. 
 What are the advantages of nuclear power? 
 What are the potential problems of nuclear energy? How can they be avoided? 
 The gradual migration of people from rural areas to urban ones will lead to 
the abandonment of the agricultural land and the depopulation of the 
villages—the majority of which are already deserted. 
 The shortage of jobs in rural areas along with young people’s need to pursue 
a career, are the two main reasons of rural depopulation. 
 In search of a brighter future, people are willing to move 
to overcrowded areas and join the competitive rat race. 
 People leave a healthier lifestyle behind at the expense of earning a higher 
 Life in urban areas is far too stressful as compared to rural life which is close to 
 Why do people leave their villages in order to live in the big city? 
 What are the consequences of overpopulation in urban areas? 
 What are the problems caused by the depopulation of the villages? 
 The role of the prison should be twofold; apart from protecting innocent people 
from criminals, it should also rehabilitate former prisoners back to the 
society in effective ways. 
 Research shows that former prisoners almost always get back to prison. Hence, it 
seems that the penal system is failing us. 
 Instead of putting criminals in solitary confinement, the legal system should 
be set up in such a way that it trains prisoners to learn a trade and gain 
qualifications that will help them survive when they get out of prison. 
 Prisoners need help and support not only while they serve their sentence but 
most importantly when they are released trying to lead a new life. 
 For petty crimes, it is preferable to do community service instead of going to 
 What would be an ideal prison? How are prisons today? 
 What is the role of the prison? Is it successful? 
 Can you think of any ways it could be improved? 
 Tourism not only provides employment locally but also boosts local 
economy through valuable foreign exchange. 
 There are also doubtful benefits as tourism might bring unwanted changes to 
the area and cause a great deal of pollution involving more noise, litter, and 
 Touristic attractions that provide entertainment for all ages and reflect the 
local culture and history of a place attract more visitors and become a long-
term investment for the whole country. 
 What are the advantages of tourism in an area? 
 What are the drawbacks of tourism? 
 How can the rise of ecotourism help environmental conservation? 

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