107 bài luyện nghe Tiếng Anh Level 2 (Phần 3)

107 bài luyện nghe Tiếng Anh Level 2 (Phần 3)

Article #21 Being a Princess

Sometimes, I think that I would like to be a princess.

A princess would live in a palace and wear beautiful clothes.

She would have servants to do chores for her, and she would probably marry a handsome prince.

People would recognize her.

They would wave to her as she drove by.

It seems like it would be a lot of fun to be a princess.

But maybe it wouldn't be so nice.

Maybe it would be terrible to be recognized by everyone.

Maybe a princess would feel like everyone was watching her.

She would have to look nice every time she left the palace.

There would always be people with cameras who wanted to take her picture.

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s a beautiful dress, but there were a few moth holes in it.
There were some of my mother's old clothes.
There was a pair of bell-bottom slacks that had bright flowers on it.
I couldn't believe that my mother had ever worn something like that.
There were some of my mother's old report cards.
Some of her marks weren't very good.
I had fun reading the report cards.
There were photographs.
There was a picture of my grandparents holding my mother when she was a baby.
There was an old baseball glove that one of my uncles had owned.
There was even one of my old dolls in there.
One of her legs was missing.
My grandmother said that I was rough with my dolls when I was little.
I should have taken better care of my toys.
There was even some old jewellery.
I tried on some of the old clothes and jewellery.
I told my grandmother that I liked looking through old things.
My grandmother told me to keep whatever I wanted.
She said that it was all junk.
I still say that the trunk was full of treasures.
Article #26 Hot and Cold
I notice that whenever it is summer, people complain about the heat, but whenever it is
winter, people complain about the cold.
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It seems that people are never satisfied.
I don't like the winter.
It is usually much too cold for me.
My teeth chatter, and my fingers turn numb whenever the weather gets cold.
It is hard for me to warm up once I start to freeze.
I try to wear layers of clothes, but winter winds go through my clothes no matter how much I wear.
My feet feel like they are blocks of ice on a cold January day when I walk home from school.
I would not like to live in a place that had a cold climate all year long.
I am not comfortable when it is too cold.
I like the summer.
Some people say that it is hot and sticky in the summer, but I don't mind the heat at all.
I love to feel the warm sunshine on my skin.
I like the freedom of not having to wear heavy coats and boots.
I am the happiest when there is a slightly cool breeze that comes along to refresh you on a hot summer
I could live in a place with a hot climate.
I would enjoy that.
Of course, when you are in a place with a hot climate there are more bugs than in places with cooler
I don't care for bugs.
Where I live, it is very humid.
The heat and moisture combine to make it uncomfortable sometimes.
It is nicer when the heat is high, but the humidity is low.
It would be better if I lived somewhere where it was hot, but not humid.
That would be just perfect.
Article #27 Walk a Mile in My Shoes
Have you ever heard the saying "walk a mile in my shoes?"
I think it is a very good saying.
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Do you know what it means?
It means, that before you judge someone, you should put yourself in his or her position.
For example, if someone was running in a race, and they did very poorly and came in last it wouldn't be
fair to say, "oh, he's just a terrible runner."
You would have to look at all the circumstances that made the person lose the race.
Maybe they pulled a muscle in their leg the day before; maybe this is their very first race;
maybe they are not in good form because something isn't right in their lives.
There can be so many things that affect a person's life, performance and moods.
If someone was very quiet at a party, you couldn't just assume that they weren't friendly.
You don't know what is happening in their lives.
They could be feeling ill, or they might have just had a bad experience.
Nobody can know exactly how another person feels.
Even if someone tells you what he or she is experiencing, you still won't fully understand what is going
on inside the other person.
Everyone perceives and feels things differently.
To walk a mile in someone else's shoes is to try and understand things from that
person's perspective.
We are all shaped by the events that have taken place in our lives.
No two people have gone through the exact same things.
So, before you are quick to judge someone, stop and think about what it is that they
might have gone through.
You won't always understand why people do what they do, but you can try to understand
and put yourself in their position.
Article #28 If I Could Go Back in My Life
If I could go back in my life and do some things differently, this is what I would do:
I would not waste so many hours in front of the television set.
I would get out and enjoy my own life, rather than watching actors in shows.
I would be a little more considerate of other people.
I would realize that my mother has more to do than pick up after me.
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I would pay more attention in school.
Tests are easier when you have paid attention, rather than fooling around in class.
I would save more money rather than spend it on useless things.
I would read more.
Reading is enjoyable, and it opens the doors into all kinds of wonderful places both real
and imagined.
I would learn to play an instrument.
Music is always appreciated if it is played well.
I would eat better foods.
I would try to stay healthy through my diet and exercise.
I would take more pictures, and I would keep a journal.
Memories are very precious.
I would take the time to listen to what people have to say.
People appreciate a good listener.
I would take the time to enjoy each day as it comes.
Sometimes, I am so busy looking forward to what is coming up that I don't take the time
to enjoy the day that I am living in.
That's what I would do if I could go back in my life.
In fact, I think I'll just make a habit of doing all of those things all through my life.
I think I would like to live to be 100.
Article #29 Joking
Joking is good.
Jokes can be very funny.
Jokes can also be hurtful.
Jokes can be tasteless too.
It is not an easy thing to find jokes that do not offend anyone.
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Some jokes make fun of different races.
Those jokes are not funny.
They are hurtful.
It is not right to tell racist jokes.
Many jokes use bad language or are about questionable subject matter.
These jokes are also not acceptable.
Many people are highly offended by rude jokes.
What some people find funny, others will not.
Comedy is a very personal thing.
Some people like slapstick comedy.
That is the kind of comedy that the Three Stooges use.
Some people like very subtle humor.
Some people will laugh at just about anything.
Sometimes, it is not appropriate to laugh, but you feel like laughing anyway.
Did you ever see anyone fall down?
Did you feel like laughing when they fell down?
You were probably worried that they had hurt themselves, yet the way that they fell was
so funny that you felt like laughing.
It's not funny when someone falls, but you can't help but laugh even though you try to
hide it.
Jokes and comedy differ from culture to culture.
Many people from other countries come here and don't understand our comedy.
Jokes and comedies are often geared toward our environment.
Sometimes, comedians make fun of the things that we do in our everyday lives like going
to the bank, or going grocery shopping.
We can all relate to that.
Being a comedian is not an easy job.
Telling jokes and making people laugh is extremely difficult.
Jokes are fun, and they are funny if they are good.
Jokes can get you into a lot of trouble if they are inappropriate, and sometimes they're
VnDoc - Tải tài liệu, văn bản pháp luật, biểu mẫu miễn phí
just not funny and nobody laughs.
Here is a joke.
Why does a cow wear a bell?
- because its horns don't work
Do you get it?
Do you think it is funny?
Well, maybe it's not that funny.
I told you that it was difficult being a comedian.
Article #30 Drugs
There are two different types of drugs.
There are legal drugs and illegal drugs.
Legal drugs are the type of drugs that the doctor gives you when you are sick.
Illegal drugs are the drugs that people sell on the street.
Illegal drugs are very dangerous.
If someone ever wants you to try any type of substance that you are not sure about, you
should always say no.
People who sell drugs on the street are criminals.
If they get caught, they will be sent to jail.
They sell drugs to get money.
They don't care that people's lives are ruined from taking drugs.
If you take illegal drugs, you can become addicted to them.
That means that you just have to have the drug no matter what.
Some people steal from other people to get money to buy drugs.
Drugs affect your mind.
If you take drugs, you will not be able to think clearly.
Your marks in school will drop.
VnDoc - Tải tài liệu, văn bản pháp luật, biểu mẫu miễn phí
Your memory won't be very good.
Your personality won't be the same.
It is very unfortunate that some people do try drugs.
They think that it won't hurt them.
They are wrong.
If you are smart, you will stay away from all drugs, except for the ones that the doctor
gives you.
Drugs are just bad news.
If you know someone who is thinking about trying drugs, tell them that their entire life
could be ruined.
In America, they had a saying.
"Just say no to drugs."
It is a good saying, but I think I would rather say, "I'm just too smart to take drugs."

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