100 bài luyện nghe Tiếng Anh Level 1 (Phần 8)

100 bài luyện nghe Tiếng Anh Level 1 (Phần 8)

Article #81 Hobbies

A lot of people have hobbies.

Hobbies are interesting things that people like to do in their spare time.

My father has a hobby.

He has a model railroad set that he put together.

A tiny electric train runs through make-believe villages and travels through tunnels and over


My father also enjoys sailing.

He has a real sailboat that he takes us out on.

He is teaching me how to sail.

I like to collect things.

I collect comic books, stamps and coins.

I trade comic books with some of my friends, and sometimes I buy comic books at stores.

Some of the very old comic books are worth a lot of money

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 at them, and some of them looked at me.
I felt very small.
My mother and I went into the school and found the kindergarten room.
There were children in there.
Most of them were the same size as me.
My mother spoke to the kindergarten teacher.
The teacher was very nice.
She said my name, and she introduced me to some of the other children.
I already knew some of the children because they lived near me.
I began to play with some of the things that were in the classroom.
There were toy trucks, colouring books, and even a doll house.
I soon forgot to be scared, and I began to play with the other children.
I didn't even notice that my mother had left the room.
In school we sang songs, played some games and listened as the teacher read us a story.
I had a lot of fun on my first day of school.
I even drew a picture of my teacher.
I took the picture home, and my mother put it on the refrigerator.
I like school.
It is a good place to meet new friends and learn all about the world.
Article #86 Transportation (2)
People move from place to place.
There are lots of ways that you can move around from one place to another.
Sometimes you can just move your feet and walk.
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Walking is good for you.
Some places are too far to walk to.
You might have to ride a bicycle or ride on a skateboard.
Some places are too far away to ride your bicycle to.
You might have to drive in a car, or a van, or even a truck.
My father has a car.
My uncle has a van.
I have never been in a big truck.
Trucks are usually used to carry big loads from one city to another.
I would like to be a truck driver.
I would travel all over and sit high up in the cab.
I have been in a taxi cab.
Once, my mother and I took a taxi to the hospital.
There was a special meter in the taxi.
When we finished our taxi ride, the driver looked at the meter to find out how much money we owed
I once rode a horse.
I sat in the saddle and held on tight to the reins.
The horse ran very fast.
It was a bumpy ride, and I was afraid that I would fall off the horse.
Not too many people around here use horses for transportation.
They used to use horses for transportation in the old days.
If you want to travel very far away, you have to go on a train, a plane, or a boat.
If you are in a hurry, it is best to take a plane.
Planes fly through the air very fast.
Trains go along the tracks.
Sometimes I can hear the train whistle from my house.
Boats take a long time to cross the ocean.
Great big boats that cross the oceans are called ships.
If you like to take it easy and look out at the water, then ships are a good way to travel.
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They say that the world is a lot smaller now because of transportation.
People can travel to all parts of the world quickly and easily.
The world is not really smaller, but it has become easy to get to faraway places.
Article #87 Television
Do you watch television?
My mother says that I watch too much television.
I watch cartoons on Saturday mornings.
Cartoons make me laugh.
My brother and I each have our favorite cartoons.
We have trouble deciding which cartoons we will watch.
On Saturday afternoons we like to watch sports.
My brother really likes to watch baseball, but usually my mother tells us to go out and play on a
Saturday afternoon.
On week nights we have our own favorite shows.
I like shows about outer space and monsters.
My brother likes comedies.
He likes to laugh.
My mother likes shows about real life situations.
She likes to watch the news.
She says that the news is important.
She watches the news and weather to find out what is going on in the world.
Sometimes she watches real life shows about doctors or policemen.
My father doesn't watch television.
He says that he would rather read a good book or the newspaper.
My dad gets all his news from the newspaper.
My favorite thing is to sit in front of the television with a bag of popcorn and a bottle of pop.
I sit there and change the channels with the remote control.
I change channels and watch a few different shows at once.
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My mother won't let me watch too much television.
She doesn't want me to get lazy.
Television is good if you don't spend too much time watching it.
You can learn a lot from television if you watch the educational channels.
I learned about dinosaurs and rainforests last week just from watching television.
Article #88 My Country
I live in Canada.
It is a very large country that is made up of ten provinces and three territories.
Most of the provinces and territories are quite unique.
For example, in Saskatchewan the land is flat, and it is not surrounded by water.
They grow wheat in Saskatchewan.
British Columbia has mountains.
I have never been to British Columbia, but I hear that it is very beautiful.
Nova Scotia is on the Atlantic Ocean, so there are many fishermen out there.
The people in the provinces are even different from each other.
In Quebec, many of the people speak French.
In the Maritime Provinces, the people like to play their own kind of music.
They play fiddles and accordions, and many of them dance very well.
Nunavut is in the north, so life is quite different there.
The people who live in the new territory of Nunavut are very close to wildlife.
They do a lot of hunting and fishing.
It can get very cold up in the Arctic where Nunavut is.
I live in Ontario.
Even within Ontario life can be quite different.
The capital of Ontario is Toronto.
Toronto is a very busy city with lots of apartments, offices and shops.
Toronto is an exciting place, and it has a lot to offer.
There are theatres and restaurants to suit every taste.
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The culture in Toronto is very diverse.
If you drive a few miles north of Toronto, you will find places that are tranquil and peaceful.
Many people leave Toronto on the weekends and drive to their cottages where they find
rest and relaxation.
Canada is made up of many different cultures.
People of many different ethnic backgrounds live in harmony in Canada.
That is why I like Canada.
In Canada we celebrate our differences.
Article #89 Food
What kinds of food do you like to eat?
I am lucky, because in Canada there are many foods to choose from.
I like to eat hot dogs, hamburgers, and steak.
These are all meat products.
I also like cheese, ice cream and yogurt.
These are all dairy products.
I like vegetables.
My favorite vegetables are broccoli, cabbage, carrots and peas.
I eat a lot of fruit.
I eat whichever fruit is in season.
In strawberry season, I eat a lot of strawberries.
In peach season, I eat many peaches.
Sometimes, my mother will make a peach pie.
Many different crops grow in Canada.
We have many orchards and farms.
Fresh fruit and vegetables are plentiful in Canada.
Meat and fish are also plentiful here.
In Canada, we have a lot of different foods to choose from.
In my city, there are a lot of Italian restaurants.
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My favorite food at the Italian restaurant is pizza.
My parents would rather have spaghetti or lasagne.
There are Greek restaurants, Mexican restaurants and Chinese restaurants; in fact, there are
restaurants from most cultures.
I can go around from restaurant to restaurant and pretend that I am traveling the world and trying all
the different foods from around the world.
Sometimes I eat things that aren't good for me.
I eat potato chips and candies.
These foods aren't part of a nutritious diet, but they are fun to eat.
Article #90 The Zoo
My class took a trip to the Toronto Zoo.
I had a wonderful time there.
My favorite animals were the lions.
They look very powerful and strong.
They say that the lion is the king of the forest, and I think that title suits him.
The monkeys were funny.
They were looking at us just as much as we looked at them.
They were swinging from branches and doing tricks to impress us.
There was a baby monkey that was clinging to its mother's back. It was very cute.
The tigers were pacing back and forth.
They seemed restless.
The stripes on a tiger are very beautiful.
We watched the tall giraffes as they nibbled leaves off the tallest trees.
We spoke to a colourful parrot that spoke back to us.
We saw exotic animals that we had never seen before.
Some of them were very strange.
There were different types of bears there.
There were black bears.
VnDoc - Tải tài liệu, văn bản pháp luật, biểu mẫu miễn phí
I saw a black bear once when I was camping up north.
We saw polar bears.
Polar bears are white.
They like the cold.
We even saw panda bears.
One of my friends bought a toy panda bear from the gift shop because she thought that the pandas
were so cute.
We saw slithery snakes.
Some of the snakes had very bright skins.
Most of the girls were afraid of the snakes.
The zoo keeper was looking after the snakes, and one of them hissed at him.
He has to be very careful when he works with the snakes.
The last thing that we saw at the zoo was the elephant.
He was enormous.
He looked at us; then he raised his trunk and made a loud sound.
It made us jump.

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